YouTube for Android now lets you watch 4K videos on any smartphone

The YouTube application for the Android operating system now allows some devices to play videos in 4K resolution (2160p) even if the smartphone or tablet in question does not have a screen with that type of resolution.

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This option is new for Android users, as the application limited the video resolution options based on the resolution of the screens where the application was open. Youtube.

Still, as reported by GSM Arena, this change may not reach all devices. What Techenet managed to find out, using a OnePlus Nord as a reference, we were able to test the functionality, watching a video in 2160p resolution at 60fps without any problem in playback.

What is the advantage of this change in the application? YouTube for Android?

Although it is an interesting idea, there are very few Android devices on the market with a screen that takes advantage of this high resolution. Currently, high-end Samsung, OnePlus or Xiaomi smartphones use screens with Quad HD + (1440p) resolution, while the vast majority are still dedicated to Full HD + (1080p) or HD + (720p).

This means that although it is possible to play a 4K video on different smartphones through YouTube, the screen will never play the video in 4K, but in its maximum screen resolution. However, there are some situations where this can be an advantage.

The first and most obvious will be when the smartphone is connected to another screen with 4K resolution. In these situations, it will be possible to take advantage of the 2160p resolution in videos on YouTube, without limitation to the resolution of the smartphone.

On the other hand, even watching the video through the application on your Android smartphone, there may be situations where the quality is slightly improved, although the improvement is almost imperceptible. Due to the way videos are compressed on the YouTube platform, there is a loss of quality between the various available resolutions. In certain cases, more bits may be reproduced than at lower resolution, slightly improving sharpness. However, this scenario will always depend on the source of the video and how it is recorded and its arrival process on YouTube.

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In recent weeks there have been several leaks related to OnePlus 9 and this phenomenon is due to the different test units that the company has distributed. Today a new unit was tested in the AIDA64 and today we have access to the technical characteristics of the new top of the range.

The images are shared by TechDroider and confirm many of the details that are being discussed. Starting with the processor, here we have Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888, which is easily identified by the graphics card indicated in the review, the Adreno 660 GPU.

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