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  5. With Movistar Home Smart WiFi Gaming nothing can stop your online game

With Movistar Home Smart WiFi Gaming nothing can stop your online game

With Movistar Home Smart WiFi Gaming nothing can stop your online game

Have you ever had a game freeze? If you are a gamer, you will know that it is one of the worst sensations. Lag is the coronavirus of online gaming, something that must be avoided at all costs. Today almost all games have an online mode, which requires good connectivity. And if you don’t have a strong network, it would almost be better to go back to table games.

The Hogar Digital offers you the best online gaming experience thanks to its complete offer from Movistar Gaming. You can enjoy the best connection anywhere in your house thanks to the Smart WiFi Router, which creates a network at maximum speed, and the Smart WiFi Amplifier, which amplifies the signal so that it reaches every corner of the house. The gaming offer includes different services: the Movistar Gaming Living App wave of Fortnitethe gaming functionality of the Smart WiFi mobile app, the package of Xbox Games Pass Ultimateand the latest to arrive in your living room, the functionality Smart Wi Fi Gaming of Movistar Home.

Through this device you can monitor the status of your network to have the best connectivity in your online games. Don’t waste time rebooting routers, plugging and unplugging cables, or moving console sites. Now you will be able to detect when there is a worse connection and solve it to play without interruptions. Read on to find out how!

What are the advantages of Smart WiFi Gaming?

Playing online requires a lot of concentration, and for this reason Movistar Home makes sure that your last concern is if your avatar starts to freeze while you build to defend yourself in Fortnite. Thanks to this functionality, you will be able to see if your signal begins to falter and know if your online game may begin to suffer from lag interruptions.

The device monitor your connection in real time, measuring speed through pings. On the screen you will see the ping figures, which is the latency between the gaming device and the service you are connected to. If the screen is blue, it means that you do not have any connection problems, however, if it changes to orange or red, you may start to experience interference in your online game. Orange means that the signal is beginning to weaken, while red indicates that you will not be able to continue the game. When both screens appear, try selecting the danger icon that the screen shows, and Movistar Home will show you some tips that can improve connectivity.

This functionality allows you to complete the online gaming experience when using the Movistar Home device as «second screen» . Thanks to this you will be able to enjoy your game to the fullest without having to stop or exit the game to see if you have a good connection or there may be some interference. With Movistar Home on your side, all you have to do is focus on winning the game.

How to use Smart Wi Fi Gaming

Monitoring your network and self diagnosing problems is very easy. You can access the functionality by touch in the «See everything» and then selecting the section «Smart Wi Fi Gaming» . You can also open the functionality with your voice, thanks to the fact that the device has Aura, Movistar’s virtual assistant, integrated. You just have to say “OK Aura, go to Smart WiFi Gaming» and it will open automatically.

If you access for the first time, you have to select online gaming service you want to connect to, such as Xbox Live. Once you have selected the service, you have to choose game controller, such as the Xbox. Once you have configured the game service and the device, your data will be saved for the next times you want to access it. If you want to change any of the two things, don’t worry, you just have to go to the main screen, press the button where the name of the device or service appears, and modify it.

Smart WiFi Gaming is one of the features of Movistar Home, but it has more. You can also listen to Movistar Music playlists without interruptions, iVoox podcasts or live radio. If you want to play online with a friend, you can contact him through the calls and video calls as well. You can discover everything you can do with your device, to get the most out of it, in the Movistar Home Commands Guide. And best of all, if you are Fusion clients with Fiber, you can get it for only €19.90 (single payment). Don’t wait any longer and play online with the best connectivity thanks to Movistar Home’s Smart WiFi Gaming functionality.