Will Samsung Galaxy S8 and Apple iPhone 7 Resist Drop Test? – VIDEO

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Apple iPhone 7 are two of the main ones top of the range which, at this moment, are competing for the attention of consumers. In this regard, it is interesting to understand what the actual constructive solidity of the aforementioned terminals is.

Drop Test for Apple iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S8

Specifically, we show you two videos starring the current home flagships Apple And Samsung struggling with different falls, carried out starting from multiple angles and heights that would put a strain on any unit:



The content in question has been uploaded to the channels Youtube Of XEETECHCARE And TechRax: in the first case, the greatest consequences involve precisely Galaxy S8 while, observing the second Drop Test, the situation is reversed (iPhone 7 it continues to work, even though it doesn’t show anything on the display) but Samsung Galaxy S8 is not free from cracks identified especially at the edge edges.