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WiFi Calls or WiFi Voice: What is it and how to activate it quickly and easily

WiFi Calls or WiFi Voice: What is it and how to activate it quickly and easily

With the advent of WiFi technology they are many internet connection options that we have available, we can be connected without depending as before on a cable that supplies the signal, there are also public places where we can have a connection thanks to an open Wi-Fi signal.

What is VoWifi and what are its advantages?

WiFi calls, voice over WiFi or VoWifi (Voice over Wifi) take advantage of the connection to an access point In order to communicate with any telephone without the need for coverage or telephone signal, they offer stability, good audio quality and without additional charges, you only need to connect your device to the Internet via Wifi and that it is compatible with the function.

It is not a very popular feature at the moment since it is not very widespread in the different mobile platforms, although more and more operators They offer this service for free to their users. Like calls by messaging applications, this call uses the wireless network to connect devices.

The difference between Wi-Fi calls and conventional voice calls is that they use the mobile network offered by the telephone antennas, limiting access when there is no coverage or signal. On the other hand, calls by Wi-Fi are not limited by this condition and can be made as long as we have a Wi-Fi connection.

Wifi calls allow you to make and receive voice calls to mobile and landlines through a Wifi network as if it were a conventional call, now, if we want to make calls with Wifi we must have a Wifi network regardless of the signal or phone coverage, and with a compatible device. When the service is active, the Wifi calls icon will appear when you have coverage.

Requirements to make a WiFi call

Currently making a VoWifi call or WiFi call is extremely simple. However, in addition to your mobile device you will need several things.

Among them, you must have reach to a WiFi network. It is important that it be a reliable and stable network, otherwise the call will be obstructed.

Your mobile device must be compatible with VoWiFi calls and finally, your operator must give you access to this new technology to make calls.

Differences between WiFi Voice, VoLTE and VoIP

In general, most of the people often confuse VoWifi calls with VoIP and VoLTE. This is because all three terms refer to calls made over the Internet.

In the case of VoWiFii calls, it is possible to say that they are an evolution of VoIP calls. However, they differ in that VoIP calls do not specify the way they are made, that is, they can be made by mobile data or Wifi.

As for VOLTE calls, they differ from voice over IP calls in that the connection used is strictly that of mobile data.

Advantages of using WiFi calls

While it is true that messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram They offer voice and video calls service, it is also true that these generate data consumption that limits our connection speed, making calls over Wi-Fi allows us to increase performance and improve the signal.

Wi-Fi calls do not consume megabytes of your contracted rate and does not require the other person to be connected to a Wifi network, as long as it is connected to the mobile network and can receive the call, otherwise the messaging applications where both must have a data connection. The cost of Wi-Fi calls is the same as conventional calls, so there are no charges.

It should also be considered that in case of problems with the connection to Wifi, such as the mobile’s Wifi is disconnected, or there is data intermittence or some other failure that affects your connection, this will also affect the execution of the Wifi calls.

Operators with the WiFi calling service

There are several phone brands that offer this feature, Samsung is considered to be the one with the greatest compatibility, offering the option of Wi-Fi calls in the higher-end equipment and in a good part of the Galaxy A, in the same way, the iPhone have this function as of 5S, other companies like Huawei, LG and Alcatel are joining the new trend in calls.

Besides the team also you must have an operator to provide the servicePlatforms such as Movistar, Orange, Amena and O2 are joining this type of service. Orange being the one that supports the most devices. To configure Wi-Fi calls, you will enter the device settings menu, in the connection options section you will find the Wi-Fi calls option, you must activate it to be able to access calls on the network.

Another way is by entering the phone application, enter the options menu, and the settings option, here you should see the Wi-Fi calling option, in case you cannot find it, it may be because your mobile phone is not compatible with this function or that the operator you have does not have this service.


Although the VoWiFi call service on a device with a Movistar operator is a service that comes from the operator, it is necessary to configure the mobile device to make them.

To do this you must access the “Settings” section and then “Connections”. In this section you will find the “WiFi” call option, where to activate them you just have to slide the bar next to it.


In the case of Orange, to activate voice calls over WiFi you must connect to a WiFi network, it is recommended that it be stable. Then, you must enter the settings menu.

In this menu you will find various options, among which you must click on “Telephone” and then on “WiFi Calls”. To confirm that the calls have been activated correctly, the text “Orange WiFi” should appear on the screen.


Amena is a highly recommended operator to make Voice calls over WiFi. This is due to its accessible plans. The VoWiFi calling service in Amena is available for Android and iOS mobiles. Regarding WiFi networks, any one is functional, regardless of the network antenna in question.

However, a negative aspect of Amena is that the Voice over IP call service is currently only available within Spain.


Through Tuenti it is possible to make Voice calls over WiFi to landlines and mobile devices. To start using the service it is only necessary to connect to a digital network.

Then you must enter the “VozDigital” application and dial a number or select one from your contact list. The best thing is that the receiver will receive a normal call.

Activate VoWifi calls on Android and iOS

The Voice over Wifi call service is available for both Android and IOS devices. However, in some cases it is necessary to update the devices to the latest available software version.


If you have an Android device and you want to activate Voice calls over Wi-Fi, you need to enter the settings menu and click on “Wi-Fi Calls”.

If this option does not appear, you must update your mobile software to the most recent version. To do this you can go to the “Settings” section and then click on “About device”.

You must bear in mind that once you activate the voice calls service over WiFi for the first time, they will take a couple of hours to be available.


To use the VoWiFi service on Android mobiles, you just have to enter the “Settings” or “Settings” menu and go to the “Telephone” section.

Then you must activate the option of “WiFi Calls” and click on accept, in order to enable the service. You will be able to confirm that the activation was done correctly when “Orange WiFi” appears in the head of the mobile.