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What is the TechQuilibrium, a growing trend in eLearning

What is the TechQuilibrium, a growing trend in eLearning

TechQuilibrium is a very recent concept, a pun, something very common in the Anglo Saxon world. The concept emerged a few years ago and initially had to do with companies and the difficult balance between traditional and digital business. But the concept is so successful that it can be used in other contexts. For example, in eLearning. And it is that although the online teaching is based on technology, it has to be in tune with other more classic aspects.

teach it remotely using technology, what we now call eLearning, is something relatively recent. and how do you know Adapt to changes constants of the company or society, knows how to get hold of everything that is on everyone’s lips. And the TechQuilibrium is part of it. It is not any new religion or physical exercise. It consists of looking to the future but without forgetting the past. Jump on the bandwagon of technology but without forgetting the foundations that have led us untill there. The key is in balance. But it is not always easy.

Let’s see how the concept of TechQuilibrium was born, what it means, what it refers to, and how it has spread as a trend towards which part of eLearning is going. And it is that technology serves a purpose, and without purpose, technology is nothing more than a tool that can be used well or badly. It is up to us to be right or wrong.

The TechQuilibrium in business

Various sources suggest that the concept of TechQuilibrium arises in Gartner, one of the most reputable consultants in the world. When talking about trends and new technologies, it is rare that this American giant of technology and business consulting is not mentioned.

As well. At the end of 2019, in several of his talks to businessmen and other professionals, this word came up, a combination of technology and equilibrium. That is, technology and balance. A rough definition of this new term is “ideal technological equilibrium that companies must achieve to thrive under uncertainty.” And it is that companies currently move between the classical business world and the digital world. Everyone knows that they should be on the digital train, but not everyone knows how to do it and to what extent. Uncertainty feeds on constant changes and continuous novelties.

The TechQuilibrium tries to put some calm, that we look at the context in which we are, that we look beyond our changing present. Where do we come from and where do we want to go? Translated to the business world: “identify the technological break even point that defines the degree of digitalization of an organization to be competitive or to lead a digital society”, as explained by Don Scheibenreif, vice president of analysis at Gartner. balance between traditional and traditional business.

Technology should not be a wildcard or a posturing. Its implementation must serve so that companies make the leap to digital enhancing what has taken them there and allowing adapt faster and better to market needs and changes. Even before those changes start to take place.

Should eLearning find its TechQuilibrium?

eLearning is possibly one of the biggest boosts who has experienced training in recent decades. Integrating technology and adapting to current needs and changes, training has managed to reach everywhere, all audiences and cover all fronts. But since everything changes at a forced pace, eLearning must too. Not without constantly rethinking your reason for being for remain the solution and not a problem.

Precisely, the concept of TechQuilibrium that arises in the business context, in which eLearning is also born, has permeated as one of the trends that distance training is aimed at. As in other areas, sometimes technology has been introduced as the solution to everything. But technology is a tool that can be used well or badly. Its mere implementation will not make something better. It is necessary to do it based on objectives, guidelines and taking into account all the affected parties.

This is what happens with eLearning, whose main pillar is technology. The technology to bring knowledge to the student. But it is necessary to know what needs the student has, what motivations, what he needs to learn and how that knowledge should be transmitted to optimize effort and time employees for it.

And since we talk about balance, it’s about give equal weight to knowledge and technology, which can translate into giving less prominence to one or the other depending on the previous context. Or put another way. It is not about using technology as something exotic but integrate it into the training process. Give rise to mixed classes or online classes instead of traditional training, generate timeless interaction dynamics, offer training without time or physical limitations…

The eLearning that the TechQuilibrium has in mind is, interestingly enough, the essence of eLearning. Take advantage of what technology gives to facilitate interaction between students, teacher student interaction, the transmission of knowledge, the evaluation of students, the adaptation of knowledge to each case and a long etcetera that must have as its purpose facilitate training throughout our professional stage. Or even beyond.