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Waiting for an RTX 3080 Ti? Samsung is plotting Nvidia and the news is not good!

Waiting for an RTX 3080 Ti? Samsung is plotting Nvidia and the news is not good!

The Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti, which so far launched in April, is not expected to arrive before May this year due to Samsung’s production limitations on Ampere chips. The confirmation will have been the fifth time that the graphics card manufacturer has been forced to postpone the launch of the GPU for enthusiasts, always due to a shortage of components.

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At the moment, there are already several Nvidia collaborating companies that complain about the lack of availability of units, which makes it impossible for them to meet the demand for this type of component. ASUS CEO SY Hsu also guarantees that these circumstances force a price increase that only hurts consumers and an inordinate demand from Nvidia.

Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti will hit the market with inflated prices

When it comes to performance, the RTX 3080 Ti shouldn’t be too far from its big brother, the RTX 3090. The GPU is expected to run 12 GB of VRAM and its recommended price is around a thousand euros, although it is highly unlikely. that a unit can be obtained for values ​​not even close to those suggested by the manufacturer.

This graphics card should compete directly with rival AMD’s Radeon RX 6900 XT, strategically positioned for the brand to have attractive offerings in all price segments. Despite this, the current scenario ends up playing against Nvidia since their offers, if you find them, are at inflated prices.

If the presence of 12 GB of VRAM, the Ti version will represent a considerable jump in performance over the RTX 3080, with more than 20% memory bandwidth and 17% more CUDA cores. Some rumors point to the possibility that this graphics offering before 20GB of VRAM, an option that would take away some bandwidth and make the RTX 3090 almost irrelevant if we only look at the price.

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via: Overclock3d

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