Virtual worlds of the Metaverse that you can now visit

The Metaverse is a concept that encompasses any virtual space in which humans and machines interact through virtual avatars. A digital metaphor of the real world but without its limitations. In reality, there is no single metaverse, no single virtual world. There are now dozens of them, although only a few of them are popular enough to be named everywhere.

Combining broadband, virtual reality and other technologies such as blockchain, virtual worlds have been able to make the qualitative leap they needed to become something beyond mere entertainment or experimentation. Many of us remember Second Lifeone of the first metaverses, and that ended up in oblivion.

However, the current metaverses allow cover areas and meet needs for which they were not previously intended. Or at the time, the technology was not as widespread as making room for virtual worlds. Today, the Metaverse can be useful not only for entertainment. Also for doing business, exchanging experiences, learning and imparting knowledge or even for industrial or telehealth applications. In short, a whole universe of virtual worlds in which the economy has many opportunities ahead.

Here we briefly review some of the most popular platforms or metaverses of the moment. Virtual places that you can now visit to get an idea of ​​what the Metaverse offers to the general public.


In this virtual world there more than 90,000 plots of digital land. More than enough space to create an immersive world in which to create, exchange and give free rein to our imagination. Created in 2015 by two Argentines, Decentralandits opening to the public took place in February 2020. Its popularity is such that some of its virtual land reaches prices between 6,000 and 100,000 dollars.

This virtual world is based on the Ethereum blockchain technology, which makes it easy for any item you find in Decentraland is likely to be bought or sold through your own currency or cryptocurrency, the MANA. And in its official store there are plenty of NFTs to dress our avatars or to enrich our plots with buildings, objects and other virtual elements.

In Decentraland you can walk, explore, create your own scenes or works of art, create virtual items to exchange, etc. In addition, in this virtual world there are public events to play games, enjoy music, meet people and even win prizes in the form of MANA, the official currency.

The Sandbox

With the suggestive name of Sandboxing either The Sandbox we find ourselves in a virtual world in which the game is the main attraction. Although it also has attractive aspects such as the proliferation of NFTs and their respective exchange. It also has your own virtual currency or cryptocurrency, as well as challenges, activities and games that will give us currency to invest in other elements.

As is often the case in the Metaverse, in The Sandbox you can assume the role of player or explorer and recreate yourself in this virtual world full of other players and elements and activities to combat boredom. But on the other hand, you can be a creator and so design spaces and games for you or for other players. Or be both at the same time.

Of course, it has its own On line shop with characters, objects, means of transport, costumes and anything else you can imagine. And you yourself can create all that on your own and put it up for sale. In short, a space or virtual world that will remind you of Roblox either Minecraft and that it brings features of the Metaverse such as blockchain and NFTs.

Axie Infinity

More than a virtual world, Axie Infinity is a crypto game, a video game based on cryptocurrencies. It is available for iOS, Android and Web and combines elements of virtual reality with strategy and fantasy. For the rest, it is based on Ethereum technology and its virtual currency is AXS, a cryptographic token that you can earn throughout the game and use it to buy items and other items.

Like other similar proposals from the past, in Axie Infinity there is different places with activities and games to which to play alone or as a team. To do this you must use your axies, which are the names of the creatures in the game that act as avatars. And like any self respecting Metaverse, to start playing you must create a virtual wallet or purse.


Very focused on the acquisition of NFT properties, the particularity of Uplands is that it reflects in its virtual world the real world in which we live. From this premise, in its virtual space shows elements of the physical world likely to be visited, explored and, why not, bought. But only in virtual.

Apart from the monetary Uplands you can explore and play, participate in treasure hunts and other competitions and events that have prizes. Created in 2018, it also has its own currency and virtual market. In addition, it offers a social component in the form of a community that can interact through Discord.

Somnium Space

Another virtual world of the Metaverse that deserves special mention is Somnium Space. Available for Windows, Steam and Virtual Reality platforms such as Oculus or VIVE, it offers an open and social virtual reality world in which to explore, create, build, participate and interact.

If other virtual worlds we have mentioned resemble Minecraft either Robloxfor its pixelated graphics, this time, Somnium Space resembles the popular game of The Sims. Both for its graphics of characters and environments and for the way of building and creating new spaces.

Of course, it has all the ingredients of the Metaverse, such as tokens, blockchain, access to online stores to exchange objects and other elements, facilities to expand its default virtual world, etc. In addition, its intention is to go beyond other similar projects in the field of virtual reality.