Video games are coming to Netflix in 2022! Apple Arcade and Google Stadia are already shaking

After several advanced rumors since May of this year, it seems that Netflix will dive into a new world and fill the catalog of offers of the streaming service with video games.

The news is advanced by Bloomberg, who refers to the hiring of Mike Verdu (a former employee of EA and Facebook / Oculus) for President of Video Game Development as an indicator that Netflix will really expand its entertainment offerings.

The contract implies that the streaming service is taking seriously the production of its own video games, something that could even include projects such as Apple Arcade or Google Stadia.

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Netflix games will put Apple and Google in sense

If this new adventure of the popular company is confirmed, other services such as Apple Arcade, Google Stadia, xCloud, PlayStation Now, GeForce Now or Amazon Luna will see their position threatened by a new competitor who was never afraid to invest large hundreds of millions in it. development of new projects.

It is also important to note that there are already some games in the Netflix app, listed as if they were a different series or movie. This fact only helps to realize that the intention of the streaming service is real.

Experts point to 2022 as the year that video games will definitely enter the service sphere, so it is very possible that the subscription will include games in the near future.

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Netflix’s entry into this market could have the power to transform the industry, which has long promised to move permanently toward streaming. Of course, everything will always depend on the quality of the content, but if someone has proven capable of putting quality projects on the table, it is Netflix.

via: Kotaku

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