Trust and optimism, keys to the entrepreneur’s DNA

What makes an entrepreneur not throw in the towel at the first change? What is your personality made of to be optimistic about the future, despite the economic situation? The keys to the entrepreneur’s DNA are now being studied in a research project.

One of the most famous motivational speeches for entrepreneurs was, without a doubt, the one Steve Jobs delivered during the Stanford University graduation ceremony in June 2005. In that talk, the then president of Apple He hooked his audience by commenting on his experiences in the world of entrepreneurship.

Sometimes life will hit you over the head with a brick. But do not lose faith. If you want, you can fly, you just have to trust yourself a lot. The only way for them to feel satisfied is by doing a great job, and that is only possible if they love what they do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking, don’t stop.

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The words of Steve Jobs they only remind us of the importance of two key pieces in the entrepreneur’s DNA: trust and optimism. Trusting your business idea is key to knowing how to defend it before other shareholders, investors or clients, but also to explore new growth paths for our entrepreneurial project. And being optimistic, no doubt, it will help us not to throw in the towel when things do not go as well as they should.

These two characteristics of the Entrepreneur DNA, which at first glance might seem like common sense, have now been studied by researchers at the Hellenic American University in Greece. In an article published in the Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, scientists speak of the uncertainty that encompasses any economic context, even more so in a crisis situation like the one we are experiencing.

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On psychology It is believed that most of us tend to overestimate our chances of success. However, this data could be even more relevant in the case of entrepreneurs, since according to the survey carried out in almost 3,000 people, 81% valued their chances of success at 70%. This high percentage, together with an almost blind confidence in the good results that the future predicted, made the entrepreneur’s DNA a good subject for study.

And it is that the work of the Greek scientists highlighted very solid characteristics in the personality of entrepreneurs. Although we should not fall into the error of generalizing, it is true that many of those who have had business ideas have been characterized by taking high risks and by not being discouraged even if they had not too positive results.

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The empirical evidence is finally supported by scientific work. The DNA of the entrepreneur should not but make us consider the good and bad things that we have in our character, above all, to be flexible in the face of circumstances and continue working on our projects.

Because as Jobs himself said, “we cannot connect the dots forward, only backward; that is, we must understand that the future is unpredictable. Keep walking and bet on success are two of the goals to which our confidence and optimism will guide us.

Images | Charis Tsevis (Flickr), Dell Inc. (Flickr)

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