Tronsmart Encore S2 Plus headphones: the Review

Round neck flexible headband design, magnetic attachment, lightweight and splash resistant – the wireless headphones Tronsmart Encore S2 Plus are designed for fitness: let’s see how they behave in our review!

Tronsmart Encore S2 Plus

Classic trunk design with magnetic closure for the box of these Tronsmart Encore S2 Plus: on the front there is a nice photo of the headphones, while on the back we find the inevitable technical data sheet.

The content of the package is rather classic: in addition to the headphones we find a very small cable Micro-USB and 2 pairs of adapters, so you can cover the vast majority of ear cup sizes. There is also a guarantee and a quick guide, fortunately also in Italian. The bag is very popular, especially useful in the gym.


  • Model: Tronsmart Encore S2 Plus
  • Action range: 10m
  • Bluetooth: 5.0, Qualcomm QCC3003
  • Material: PC + ABS Plastic
  • Battery: 250mAh
  • Duration: up to 24 hours
  • Waterproof: IPX5


The Tronsmart Encore S2 Plus are designed for the fitness: completely covered in non-slip rubber, they are equipped with a flexible and light neckband, which will not give any discomfort even during intense movements such as running or lifting weights. The earphones are very light, and thanks to the interchangeable ear tips they will easily stay in place. In case of a fall you will not lose them, as they are wired with the headband.

The build quality of these Encore S2 Plus is generally high, and the IPX5 certification allows you to use them in all kinds of activities without having to worry, as they are resistant to sweat, splashes and rain. The headband, equipped with a battery on one side and controls on the other, is not as invasive as it initially seems, and once you get used to it it will be natural to interact with the controls.

The low weight and the good design make these Encore S2 Plus really comfortable to wear: although they went well with the standard rubber pads, I preferred to use those of a smaller size and in any case I never had problems with stability or pain.

The battery integrated in the headband does its duty: once the headphones are charged, you can get up to almost 24 hours of playback. Too bad about the door MicroUSBforces those with a smartphone with Type-C to carry another cable with them.


Highlight of these headphones? Without a doubt i full-bodied and deep bass, now a trademark of Tronsmart. Let’s start by saying that the maximum volume is really high, and thanks to the system Qualcomm DSP and cVc 6.0 of isolation from external noise you will enjoy every moment of music, and the audio on call will always be clean and crystal clear. Even with the volume not turned up, it will be almost impossible to hear what they are saying to you, which is why I do not recommend using both headphones at the same time while driving.

The Qualcomm chip on board the Encore S2 Plus, coupled to bluetooth 5.0, allows very low latency and extremely low power consumption. You can also connect headphones to two devices at the same timeeasily choosing which one to use as a source.

The sound quality is very good, and remains so even at very high volume: I have not encountered distortions or quality losses with streaming services such as YouTube or Spotify or with the format Flac, fully compatible. Even listening to videos on platforms such as Netflix turns out to be very pleasant and always of a high level. Also good audio and microphone during calls.


Pair the Encore S2 Plus to your device it will take very few moments, and after the first pairing they will connect automatically once removed from the box within 1 second. A notification will notify you of the successful connection, also giving you info on the battery level.

The headphones are TWS and can be used within a 10m radius of the connected device, as long as there are not too many obstacles.

The Encore S2 Plus have full support for voice assistants: you can continue your activities without interruption, always keeping your hands free.


The Encore S2 Plus are undoubtedly intended for a sports audience, looking for sound quality, comfort, resistance and versatility without too many unnecessary frills or frills. The substance is all there, and the comfort as well. The neckband could make non-sportsmen turn up their noses, but the physical controls on the end are essential for those who use headphones while running.

You can buy the Tronsmart Encore S2 Plus on AliExpress at a discounted price of € 15.29 until January 31st with free shipping!