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Tronsmart Bang, what a sound!

Tronsmart Bang, what a sound!

Summer is approaching, trips out of town begin and Tronsmart comes to our aid with a new, powerful speaker! We welcome Tronsmart Bangand let’s find out immediately how it behaves in our review.


Let’s start immediately with the unboxing of Tronsmart Bang: the quality of the packaging is the usual one that tornsmart has accustomed us to, effective and without frills. The speaker is in fact contained inside a sturdy but compact box, with Tronsmart graphics and product specifications. Convenient plastic handle, very useful given the important weight of the package.

Opening the package we immediately find our speaker covered by a plastic bag and held firmly by two sponge supports. Inside we find the box with the USB Type-C charging cable and another cable to physically connect an external sourceboth of the right length, plus the usual manuals and warranty.



Tronsmart Bang is made entirely of rubberized plastic and black reticulated fabric, with a futuristic and elongated design. The speaker is explicitly designed for outdoor use, and thanks to certification IPX6 it does not fear water, dust or extreme situations. The particular design, with the comfortable handle makes it perfect to be carried anywhere.

The captivating and clean look makes Bang the soul of the party, thanks also to the presence of LED lights that follow the trend of the music and change color.

The quality is the usual Tronsmart, without smudges, creaks or imperfections: here the use of premium materials is noticeable.

Tronsmart Bang, despite its not very low weight, is extremely comfortable to carry around and does not clash in any context.

The front features the Tronsmart logo and a beautiful fabric grille. In the upper part we find the rubberized keys, also in black, with small status LEDs and the famous carrying handle.

The back recalls the front one, with the difference that there are all the entrances, protected by a thick layer of rubber. Small positive note: thanks to the impressive 10800mAh battery, it will also be possible to recharge your device in case of emergency, effectively transforming Tronsmart Bang into a giant powerbank!


Let’s get to the point: how do these Tronsmart Bangs sound? THE 60W output they all feel and give a very loud volume: most of the time you will find yourself using them at just over half the volume, especially indoors.

The combination of custom woofers and tweeters on board the Bang increases the bass performance, which is very enjoyable and undoubtedly represents the strong point of this speaker, the undisputed trademark of Tronsmart. The yield is excellent even in the medium frequencies, the highs are also good, the final result is a reproduction that is always clean and enjoyable, with particular attention to the bass. The volume turns out to be perfect for outdoor playback.

Indoors, 1 speaker will be enough to fill the room with music, while outdoors 60W is more than enough, but there is a particular feature that makes Bang the perfect speaker for parties!

Technology TrueConn on board Bang allows you to connect up to 100 devices simultaneously, creating a network with virtually infinite potential.

In fact, just press a button to associate the speakers, which will remember the connection even after being turned off and will be read by the devices as a single speaker. The range of the Bluetooth is pretty good, we talk about well 20 meters and quietly covers a large room.

The sound quality is really good, and remains so even at very high volume: I have not encountered distortions or quality losses with streaming services such as YouTube or Spotify or with the format Flac, fully compatible. A separate discussion for MP3 songs: in some cases the poor quality of the file caused a loss of quality at maximum volume, which disappeared completely when turned down slightly.

Here, too, the use of excellent materials makes itself felt: thanks to the reinforced chassis, the output audio quality will not suffer any distortion, the same goes for vibrations.

Technology SoundPulse onboard the Bang is capable of generating 60W output, thanks to the high-powered audio units, while making the bass deeper and the voices more defined. The button dedicated to the SoundPulse allows you to conveniently choose the equalization modes.


In addition to the Bluetooth and NFC connection, Tronsmart Bang has 3.5mm jackthus providing a full range of options.

Also interesting is the possibility of making and receiving calls, thanks to the integrated microphone: in this case, however, we will have to stay quite close to the speakers to allow our interlocutor to hear us decently. Also good is the ability to activate the voice assistant by pressing and holding the dedicated key.

You can also use the dedicated Tronsmart app equipped with an equalizer to customize Bang’s audio even more.


Tronsmart Bang is undoubtedly a great accessory for those who want to listen to their music outdoors without being attached to a cable and with excellent audio quality. Bang is perfect for outdoor environments, but does not mind any type of environment.

Tronsmart Bang is available for purchase on Aliexpress and Geekbuying at the discounted price of € 124.75.