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These are the 6 most demanded professions in the metaverse

These are the 6 most demanded professions in the metaverse

The metaverse has landed to revolutionize everything we know. This new technology will allow us to immerse ourselves in a virtual world with a digital twin or digital twin. With our own avatar we can immerse ourselves in digital environments without moving from our homes. For example, we will go to clothing stores through our avatar, allowing us to try on clothes, thanks to our virtual form.

This new paradigm has become a reality in 2022, thanks to the momentum of Meta (formerly Facebook), a Mark Zuckerberg company. In order to continue referring to this new revolution we need professionals Let them shape it. The metaverse brings with it a new era where job opportunities are enormous. In fact, Meta announced that their plan is to hire more than 10,000 people to build this virtual sphere.

After the launch of Meta, there have been various companies that have wanted to be part of the change so as not to be left behind and stay ahead. Being one of them, Telefónica. A few months ago the telecommunications company hired Yaiza Rubio, director of the company’s Metaverse area. In addition to opening different vacancies, such as: Metaverso Unity Developer, and partnering with Meta in the creation of Open2Metaverse to search for startups with innovative ideas through Wayra.

Other companies that have decided to bet on this revolution are the following:

Adaptability: a key skill in a constantly changing job market

As we can see, there are several large companies that are committed to this new paradigm. In recent times and with continuous advances in the field of technology, we have developed our ability to adapt to changes. This being one of the soft skills most valued by companies, along with constant learning and flexibility.

Before the metaverse, the Internet arrived and later the social networks. This scenario gave rise to many professionals reinvent themselves so as not to be left behind. The journalists put their pen and notebook aside to replace it with a computer and a CMS (content management system). With the encouragement of Twitter, Facebook, etc., new positions emerged, such as community manager. In addition, a new discipline was developed: digital marketing, offering a range of job possibilities and ranking among the most demanded profiles.

So, adapting to this new ecosystem is not new. This new era will be led by professionals specialized in gaming and programming. According to an article published by IEBS Business School, these will be the most in demand positions:

1. Ecosystem developer

The work of these professionals is crucial. To be able to talk about the metaverse, profiles that are in charge of create the entire ecosystem of this digital sphere. From the elaboration of laws and regulations, coordination with partners and governments to ensure that the different functionalities created are a reality for everyone.

2. AR and VR hardware and software engineers

Another of the most demanded professions is hardware engineering. One of the identifying features offered by the metaverse is the immersion in virtual environments. For this, it is necessary to develop new cameras, portable devices, headphones, that are more comfortable, wireless, etc. After all, this new digital sphere offers a continuous connection with the virtual for which the use of gagdet will be necessary.

While, if the positions related to augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have increased in demand in recent years, with the arrival of the metaverse these software engineers will have a vital job. These people are in charge of developing the applications, software and computing platform of the metaverse. Among the technologies that they will use, we can highlight the following: Blender, Unreal Engine, Unity, etc.

3. 3D game designers

These profiles are in charge of conceptualizing the characters, history, configuration, etc. After all, the metaverse is a video game, so these professionals will be necessary to create the environment of this new digital world.

4.Metaverse Planner

Once all the aforementioned professionals have created this digital sphere, the planner of the metaverse enters the scene. This person will take care of plan and implement all functionalities. In addition to identifying market opportunities, building business cases, developing key metrics, etc.

5. Product Managers

As the metaverse expands, it will need profiles that control the end user experience, test and troubleshoot new products. They will also promote the development of new initiatives and products with other professional teams in this area.

6. Metaverse Cybersecurity Expert

Of course, cybersecurity professionals cannot be missing from this list. These people are in charge of protecting the metaverse to prevent cyber attacks and fraud. For example, theft of NFTs, hacking of avatars, hacked headphones, etc.

Apart from these 6 profiles, there are many more that will be responsible for us being able to enjoy our immersion in the metaverse with ease. From metaverse tour guides, marketers, storytellers, etc.