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Theater and technology are more related than you imagine

Theater and technology are more related than you imagine

Theater and technology are more related than it might seem at first glance. On World Theater Day, we bring you some initiatives that have served to connect these two seemingly distant worlds.

The world theater day It is celebrated on March 27. It was created in 1961 at the initiative of the International Theater InstituteHowever, its first official celebration was not until March 27 of the following year.

The relationship between theater and technology seems non existent a priori, however, it is surprising the number of innovative proposals that the theater is implementing to integrate the revolutionary world of telecommunications in his works.

For example, him Oesia Group has allied himself with Royal Theater of Madrid to combine three disciplines: technology, health and culture.

The objective of the project is to study the physical response of the body when attending a performancewhich will result in the birth of a study that analyzes the effects of the opera on the spectator’s healthaccording to an article published in CIO.

The Oesia Group will be in charge of all the technical part of the process, since it is specialized in technology applied to different sectors, one of them being the digital health. Oesía’s technology will jump from hospitals to theaters to be part of a most innovative project.

The study will be carried out in a designated space within the Royal Theatre where a team of technicians specialized in digital health from the company will work. Technicians will attend each of the 9 operas which are performed at the Teatro Real until the end of the season, where volunteers will be monitored to Assess your vital signs before and after the work. The report will be ready next summer, as planned.

In this scenario, there is no doubt that virtual theater, instant messaging or augmented reality are some of the novelties that can be found in theater today. If you want to know more about what kind of works related to technology you can find and how theaters take advantage of it, do not miss this article.

Theatrical technology goes even further. Although it seems surprising, the robots and advances in AI have allowed these to be part of works such as actors.

The Robotic Theater Cycle is a educational project which was born with the aim of promoting computer science, robotics and theaterwhere, thanks to these weapons, robots become actors and actresses of a work designed by the students themselves.