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The impact of being parents in the digital age

The impact of being parents in the digital age

Being a parent is a challenge and in most cases, it implies an experience of constant personal growth and learning. Currently, thanks to the positive impacts of technology, mothers and fathers can be accompanied in the education of their children.

Being a mother and father in the digital age

Educating and raising always put personal capacities to the limit. There is no recipe book to be a mother or a father, and each one will develop their own ways of parenting, looking for those that best suit their lifestyle.

Fortunately, today we have smart devices and internet access, which provide an inexhaustible source of information, tools and applications that complement the upbringing and personal care of children.

The positive impacts of technology in family care

Thanks to the proliferation of blogs, sites and the use of social networks that seek to share experiences and help future parents, a trend known as motherhood 3.0 has emerged.

This maternity 3.0 opens the possibility for families to obtain valuable information as well as support networks, which contributes to reducing the isolation of motherhood, especially in these times of pandemic where confinement conditions social life.

The use of digital platforms also allows future parents to be accompanied throughout the process and even implies being able to experience new forms of education with their children.

There are applications that guide parents to be able to respect their own times and spaces while gestating and raising. Self care is essential and learning to take time for yourself should be as important as giving it to your children.

Technological recommendations for being parents in the digital age

Regardless of the technology that is used in the education of your children, remember that the most important focus will always be on dedication, care and co responsibility.

Find out below a list of applications that allow us to develop awareness of how technology influences our lives, but giving it a positive approach that will benefit both mothers and fathers as well as children.

Of course, it is important to consider how technology influences our lives and that of our families, so it is always advisable to maintain vigilance and control over exposure to screens.