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The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind The Lone Player’s Guide

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind The Lone Player’s Guide

On the occasion of the debut of the new chapter “Morrowind“Of the Universe The Elder Scrolls Online, Bethesda has released a strategy guide on how to survive from lone wolves and we want to share it with you.

The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind: Survival Guide

1. Class

If you are going to explore Morrowind on your own, it is good to create a character that is suitable for that endeavor. Each class in the game is skilled in combat but each of them has specific roles and unique abilities of its kind.

You can choose whether to try your hand at the new “Keeper” class in Morrowind or adopt one of those already present. The new class gives players a certain attack ability that can obviously be upgraded, offering the ability to heal and regain stamina easily. The second ability is Feral Guardian, available early in the game, which allows you to summon a war bear.

Any character who specializes in the use of two weapons can improve their attacks by summoning beasts or focusing on the restoration of magic.

2. Orientation

Morrowind offers many places to explore, but doing it alone is very dangerous, luckily there are adequate means of transport. The first is a sailt strider, huge insects that travel from country to country and the second instead boats that shuttle between the various ports, let’s not forget the travel sanctuaries for rapid teleportation.

Take advantage of the new means of transport to discover new Sanctuaries, in this way you can return to the territories already visited much more quickly.

3. Missions

Morrowind adds a very generous amount of missions and stories, ideal for those looking for narrative content. From rescuing slaves to saving the entire island, numerous missions await you.

Completing a mission means receiving good quality equipment, especially useful for those who do not want to play in a group. Follow the black and white arrows and enjoy the new content offered by this expansion.

4. Equipment

Exploring the wilderness allows you to collect everything that is not nailed to the ground, tools suitable for various situations. In ESO everything is useful, it is possible to sell or dismantle parts of your armor through the appropriate stations to recover raw materials useful in the creation.

Everything can be used to give life to a new equipment, even the so-called junk. Obviously you can’t take everything with you, so you have to keep your inventory in order and trash the superfluous from time to time, you can also deposit the materials for the creation at the bank.

5. Mount

Don’t rush to buy new gear but save for something more important like the mount. Who doesn’t like galloping on a noble steed? The mount allows you to cover distances much faster and exploration becomes fun.

Mounts can pull you out of various circumstances, you can train your pet at a stable, this will increase the weight it is capable of carrying and the space in your inventory or improve its speed.

Do you know that you can summon the mount where you are? Spending 10,000 gold coins.

6. Food and potions

If you intend to play in a group, it is very likely that a partner will be able to enhance you with benefits related to health, recovery and defense, but if you play alone you obviously have to provide for yourself.

Food, drinks, potions and much more to recover, with which you can increase your power, health and speed and perhaps apply invisibility effects, you will enjoy an almost permanent benefit but only once.

7. Real help

Can’t get rid of a beast or find a dungeon? Is the equipment not repairable or do you have other problems? Then visit the Crown Store and decide for yourself what to do. From repair kits to scrolls to level up beyond soul gems, poisons, potions and more, you can also purchase additional inventory space and upgrade your mount to the max.