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The day of Android Wear on iOS is approaching

The day of Android Wear on iOS is approaching

All major applications Google and its services are also available to users Apple, a sign that this large slice of users is indispensable for the Mountain View giant. The rival from Cupertino is preparing to bring the new one to the market Apple Watch and for this reason BigG would have thought of opposing its arrival by making it compatible Android Wear with iOS.

Apple Watch it is certainly a very interesting product but also expensive and those who want to try a smartwatch could gladly take advantage of a Android Wear cheaper while not giving up your favorite operating system.

In this way Google it could be able to steal a small slice of users from the rival. We had already spread this news in the past and examples of connection between the two worlds had also been shown, now, according to the latest rumors, this great step would be ever closer.

Second The Verge, who cites a source close to the development team, compatibility between the two ecosystems is on the way. Unfortunately, despite the efforts of BigG, the application Android Wear may be refused according to the policies of Applewhich include the rejection of applications for competing platforms (such as the big rival’s wearable OS).

Who knows how this affair will end.