Telefónica’s Black Ops

“Out of stock available” indicated several vendors regarding the game ‘Call of Duty. Black Ops II ‘ for PS3 in some and other stores during the past Christmas.

Beyond training an elite commando and being the great master of tactical wars, these video games take us to a not too distant future and perhaps not as impossible as it might seem.

We were born and raised with the stories of Jules Verne and with films like Journey into the human bodyFuturistic stories turned some of them into realities today.

What if Telefónica had a computer network capable of injecting intelligent neurons on its fiber optic infrastructure?

When in the year 3000 all customers are connected through fiber, copper will be part of the distant past. We will be able to have a nerve center capable of injecting neurons that will recognize the entire fiber infrastructure, informing, alerting of existing failures, proposing solutions, automatically sending units to restore possible problems, reaching the door of all customers, knowing the quality of all the services of all the clients, of all their teams, the use of all the services, the quality provided to each one of them.

Will be ours Black ops, clandestine operations carried out by an unknown and secret command, an elite group at the disposal of our clients.

In the not too distant future the ONTs they will be able to store information about the use that each client makes of their home. From the electrical consumption of each room, the heating, the air conditioning, the humidity… To the stocks available in our fridge.

Customers will be able to scan all their invoices from the TV screen, dump the data from their mobile devices, images, e-mails, files, meetings, all this data being stored in the ONTs.

A network of neurons will go through all these devices knowing the ‘life’ of each one of us and proposing services and solutions that allow us save time and / or money.

Our neural network will propose to each client the weekly food purchase based on our diet, our available stocks, the eating habits of each member of the family unit, the offers of all the supermarkets near our house, even taking into account the accumulated points on previous purchases.

Perhaps the television networks will be interested in broadcasting targeted and personalized advertising to each client based on their tastes. “If we have to consume advertising, please let it be the one that interests me.”

Let’s imagine a world where we can know in advance the preferences of our clients, the use they make of our services and where we can offer them help, content, packages, customizable offers through virtual assistants in 3D by the television, mobile, tablets or any device with a screen.

Without reducing it only to virtual assistants and content offering, we could help customers control any chip from their home automation, the status of their vehicles or their bills, their agenda, their life …

At Telefónica we have two imperishable assets, two assets from the past, the present and the future: our infrastructures and our customer base.

Based on these immortal assets, Telefónica’s neuralgic information network will one day be born Black ops. And, if not, at the time.

Image: Gamerzone