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Technology as the protagonist on Black Friday

Technology as the protagonist on Black Friday

Black Friday is one of the most anticipated business events of the year. Millions of users from all over the world wait for this day to make their purchases. Technological products are the most requested in an event in which we can take risks if we make our purchases online.

We are already in the final stretch of the year and a date indicated by many is approaching consumers. Specifically, technology on Black Friday sets the tone.

The black friday It is the day with the most offers of the year, thus becoming the commercial event most successful in the world. It must be said that this year falls due to lack of three weeks to christmas so it is expected that in 2019 it will exceed all sales records compared to past editions.

On Spain the Black Friday began to be held in 2012 and since then has been in constant growth causing them to get involved in the campaign from the big surfaces until small and medium businesses.

But the greatest triumph is thanks to the Online sales. According to estimated data, 2018 there was a total of €1.56 billion on purchases through Internet in this event. But what will be the sector that makes the most sales in black friday? The answer is in the technology.

the star of the event

It is obvious to say that the technology is part of our lives and that many users want to be updated at all times. The technological products during the Black Friday they become the main dish of the event.

On 2018 a 48% of Spaniards took advantage of Black Friday to acquire a technological product such as smartphones, computers, televisions and video game among others.

This year the intention to buy a technological product upload a 56%which would mean a increase Compared to shopping at this sector last year. 19% of those surveyed state that they plan to buy a mobile phone so it becomes the flagship product the black friday.

Another star product for this year are the voice assistants how can it be Aurathe artificial intelligence from Telephone. This assistant is currently in thousands of homes thus creating a ecosystem based on the smart connectivity to show new experiences to users.

To take risks

As we have mentioned before, the black friday is a success for Online sales but many customers may be at risk of being victims of cyber scams.

There is a series of measures to prevent us from being victims of a fraud during this event. To begin with, when creating a user in an online store it is advisable to use a strong password and no repeat it on different pages.

The cyber criminals they usually create fake web pages that look a lot like official websites. In them they offer fake products and you may run the risk of infecting your device with a malware.

For that reason it is very important check if the page is officialIt is preferable search the web in our browser to pay attention to links advertising special offers.

Finally, scammers also use other techniques such as smishing which consists of the impersonation from a legitimate website to via SMS with the aim of achieving personal and bank details of customers.