Smartwatch: The 2016 market will be dominated by Apple Watch

A few days ago IDC unveiled its projections of the smartwatch market for 2016, highlighting the excessive power of the Cupertino giant, which should reach a market share equal to 49.4%. Over the years this share would however be destined to decrease to make room for Android Wear.

If in 2016, i 6.1 million of smartwatch Android Wear sold will not be able to scratch the 14 million Of Apple Watchwithin the next 4 years the landscape could smile at the platform of Google.

This obviously should not lead to a decrease in units sold, in fact the market projections for the 2020 foresee 31 million Of Apple Watch And 28.8 million Of Android Wearwith market shares of respectively 37.6% And 35%.

This data will affect the market of other platforms such as Tizen And Pebble OSwhich in 2020 will still lose ground compared to rivals while increasing the units sold.