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Sales record for video games and consoles in 2007

Sales record for video games and consoles in 2007

Among the records that were reached in 2007 it is certainly worth mentioning the one relating to the sales of video games and of console.In 2007, over eighty million consoles were sold worldwide, with a total market value of approximately 9.8 billion euros. In general, the video game sector benefited from a 42% increase in its market share compared to 2006, with a final turnover that even exceeds that of the music industry, which is happening for the first time ever.

The best-selling console was the Nintendo Wii, a revolutionary device that allows very innovative ways to manage games. Nintendo can be proud of the result achieved with as many as 18.5 million devices sold since the invention of the Wii.

Even the other two most direct competitors such as Microsoft and Sony cannot complain and can be proud of their results: in fact there are 14 million Microsoft XBox sold since 2005, while the Sony Playstation 3 over 11 million were sold in 2007 alone.

To encourage the sale of video games and consoles was first of all the decrease in prices and competition and also the improvement in the performance and graphics quality of video games.

It should also be noted that non-violent video games are increasingly capable of conquering female audiences in an ever more pressing way.

Indeed, the Nintendo Wii console has a catalog of games in which violence is almost completely absent, a sign that the success of the latest generation video games does not necessarily pass through the unloading of stress and tension through aggression.