Resident Evil on Netflix: series gets more details in leaked synopsis

The plot of the Resident Evil series on Netflix probably showed up before a bigger announcement by the streaming service. As many fans have noted in the past few days, a synopsis regarding the adaptation has been posted to the company’s official website x including details of where the story will take place.

“The city of Clearfield is in the shadow of three apparently unrelated giants – the Umbrella Corporation, the disabled Greenwood Asylum and the city of Washington,” explains the note sent to the Netflix website. “Today, twenty-six years after the discovery of the T-Virus, secrets kept by the three will begin to be revealed at the first signs of the outbreak,” he adds. The synopsis, however, has been deleted from the official website.

It has finally been confirmed that a Netflix adaptation of Resident Evil is in the works. Attached is a description taken from Netflix’s Media Center. See also a WaybackMachine archive of the search result we took a few minutes ago: https: //

– Resident Evil Wiki (@RE_Wiki) February 7, 2020

We know that Netflix is ​​eyeing a series of Resident Evil for some time, but this unexpected synopsis probably indicates that a very hot ad may soon approach fans. At the time of the first rumors, the intention was to expand the universe of Resident Evil and “deepen the existing mythology”, which justifies why the main city of the series will not be Raccoon City or another area known among fans.

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