Remake of video game titles that you will enjoy over and over again

Being a medium that is always changing, it is very easy for video games to become “outdated”. Hence, one of the ways developers deal with these “aging” games is by making a remakewhich can offer a lot to veterans and new audiences if done right.

But why are so many remakes made? Is there any special reason for it? Let us now see the actual value of give new life to an old video game.

Importance of the remake for the video game industry

The definition of remake when it comes to a video game has undergone major changes. In its simplest form, this process offers exactly the same game as the original, but with several improvements. This is the result:

  • Higher resolution and support for other types of screens,
  • As well as, the addition of additional visual effects.

However, the most common is that in these types of remasters the engine and assets of the original game are included. So what are the reasons behind this gaming trend?

Under the constant changes of hardware and its updates, there is a great opportunity to make better use of the power of consoles. The other reason is obviously economic. And it is that reusing the rights of a franchise with proven success every so often makes them profitable.

Capcom thinks about the remake of the Resident Evil remake

The video game industry learned all this from the movie industry, of course. This way, every few years there will always be another version of a past blockbuster.

What are the most popular remakes of the moment?

We all like a bit of nostalgia in games. For new gamers, there’s nothing like the chance to join the party on a video game or series they may not have been able to enjoy before. In this way we have seen stand out some titles that we highlight below:

Dead Space and its new version

The Dead Space Remake is a ground up rebuild of the 2008 sci fi survival horror classic. Initially created by Electronic Arts, its reboot comes from EA Motive. We’re talking about the studio behind the well received Star Wars: Squadrons and the controversial Star Wars Battlefront II.

For now, we will have to wait to play it until the beginning of 2023. However, in recent advances we find vSeveral of its new featured features. These include changes in:

  • The history.
  • Characters.
  • The mechanics of the video game.

Life is Strange: important changes in a successful saga

Considered a hit when it was initially released in 2014, it was a fantastic example of an episodic game. Since then, several prequels exploring other characters and storylines have been released.

With the recent release of the Remastered Collection, you can now play both the original Life is Strange and its spin off series Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

Life Is Strange centers on Max Caulfield, a shy photography student who discovers that she can rewind time; who must also face the daily struggles, reunite with her old friend Chloe Price and deal with the consequences of her pranks in time.

Destroy All Humans Remake: Trailer, Screenshots and PC Requirements

At the heart of the video game is a case of Missing person for which you hope to find the answers. Before The Storm is set three years earlier, exploring Chloe’s relationship with Rachel Amber, the missing person from the first game.

Resident Evil 2: the best in video game remakes

It is difficult to talk about a video game remake without mentioning the new version of Resident Evil 2. This became the standard for remakes, since satisfies new and old fans alike. The reason is that this remake keeps many of the thrills and chills of the original game intact.

What makes it so special? In effect, this version brings back the over the shoulder third person gameplay. Something that undoubtedly characterizes the Resident Evil games, without sacrificing the sensations and none of the scares caused by the well known characters of the saga. Because hardware changes will always be on the horizon, the trend of remakes will continue. Therefore, a remake It will always be a perfect opportunity to form your own opinion about a classic.