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Rainbow Six Siege: Glitch Guide on the Yacht Map

Rainbow Six Siege: Glitch Guide on the Yacht Map

If you are playing during this time a Rainbow Six Siege and you want to have a laugh, then the glitch we want to offer you today will be very useful, at least until when Ubisoft it won’t fix it with an update.

How to get out of the frozen map in Rainbow Six Siege

The glitch that we will explain today, will allow you to get out of the ice map, finding yourself in a position to eliminate every enemy from above without being killed or better yet identified. The glitch is very easy to do and is recommended only among friends, we remind you that playing dishonestly especially in classified is prohibited by Ubisoft and you could be banned.

The glitch allows you to have a view from a different point of view of the map or at least as regards the upper part of the boat (therefore the foreground), being able to eliminate all easily with a blow to the head. on the top of the boat, get on the glass, crouch and walk to the edge, press A to climb over and you’re done.

Below we offer you a video tutorial to better understand how to do this trick:

Avoid glitching when playing online with other players, you could be voted out and kicked out for misconduct. If you are curious about other glitches, we invite you to consult our article (obviously with video tutorial included) Rainbow Six Siege: How to glitch with Kapkan. There are many and many more glitches and bugs that we will tell you about in the coming days!

If you want to train, you can do it by creating a custom game and setting the time limit to the maximum possible value, closing the room and starting the game once you have clearly chosen the map in the editor before saving the custom game. The glitch we told you about today can be performed with any operator that is attack or defense.