Quantum Error, FPS title of cosmic horror, will arrive on PS5 and PS4


Image: https://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2020/03/28/ps5-games-quantum-error-warframe/

After revealing Quantum Error, an FPS game inspired by the horror tales of Lovecraft, in a trailer containing more than 3 minutes of presentation, the developer TeamKill Media released several more details about the title, showing a video of in-game performance tests and establishing a quick set of questions and answers from followers, commenting on the game’s production process and the expected specifications for its launch.

Testing physics collision sounds, grenades and explosive barrels.

99.9% of objects in QE will be physically simulating ?? # quantumerrorgame # ps5 # ps4 #fps #cosmichorror #fpsgames # ue4 #gamedev pic.twitter.com/0Dp0R31UD4

– QUANTUM ERROR (@quantum_error) March 28, 2020

“Testing sounds of physical collision, grenades and explosive barrels. 99.9% of objects in QE will be physically simulating.”

According to the developer’s team, the tests are happening entirely in ports for the PC under the Unreal Ungine, and will display exactly the same physics as the PlayStation 4 version. However, the PS4 version will be a port of the PS5, as the game is being developed especially to be launched, initially, in the next generation of consoles.

It was confirmed that the intention is for Quantum Error to run entirely in 60fps stable, in a resolution 4K native and completely with techniques raytracing lighting rendering, although this last feature depends on how the final version of the PS5 hardware will be.

TeamKill Media also released an exclusive image of the game, at a time when the protagonist was being attacked by a group of separatists called Wu Yan. See below.

(Source: @ quantum_error / TwitterSource: Dual Shockers

Still without an official release date, Quantum Error will be released for PS5, receiving a version for PS4 soon after.