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PSVR 2 comes Christmas 2022 for PS5 with the help of Samsung

PSVR 2 comes Christmas 2022 for PS5 with the help of Samsung

Sony’s next-generation virtual reality headsets will hit stores around Christmas 2022 and will use OLED panels made by Smasung to put PS5 gamers in the hands of an experience tailored to the processing power of the next console. generation.

The information is advanced by Bloomberg and comes from data obtained from knowledgeable sources close to the development of virtual reality equipment.

According to these sources who preferred anonymity, Sony and Samsung signed an alliance to make the next-gen VR headsets, something that should leave stakeholders with quite high expectations, especially after the disappointment of the first PSVR.

PSVR 2 will feature Samsung OLED panels

Despite its more than obvious limitations, the first-generation PSVR sold more than 5 million units in large part due to interest and curiosity for new technology that promises new ways to experience video games.

The offer never ended up meeting the expectations of the fans, who lived on crumbs here and there with some quality. The PSVR 2, on the other hand, promises a much higher quality virtual reality experience, capable of putting truly valuable experiences on the market for those willing to invest their money in this new version that will also take advantage of the immense power of the PS5.

Sony had previously said that the PSVR 2 would be coming in 2022, and the release window for the holiday season makes perfect sense as a way to capitalize on the broader trend toward financial spending at that time of year.

One of the main weapons of the PSVR 2 will be its commandos, equipped with adaptive triggers, haptic feedback and finger touch detection, taking advantage of the technologies developed for the DualSense command.

via: VG24 / 7

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