PS5 storage won’t be a problem, Sony revealed.

With only hours of being available globally, Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) is still talking. One of the biggest user criticisms of the new console is related to its storage.

With a “single” 825GB SSD, the PS5 has approximately 20% of its storage reserved for the operating system and other operational features.

With this, users are limited to 664GB available for games and applications. Since many of the new AAA games require obscene amounts of storage to install, hopefully the controversy will come sooner or later.

Sony CEO says storage won’t be a problem on PS5

During an interview with The Telegraph, Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony, stated that they have received no negative comments regarding their new console.

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The CEO reveals that they will be on the lookout for first user reactions once the console is available globally, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

“We can closely monitor the level of hard drive usage on the PS4 and it appears that the available storage is more than enough.”

Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony

In addition, it is also important to note that PlayStation 5 presents several novelties in terms of managing its storage.

On the new console, you can choose how the games are installed. For example, if you only play multiplayer modes, you will only be able to install the modules necessary for those game modes.

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On the other hand, once you have finished the campaign mode of a certain game, you can also choose to delete only that module.

Sony PlayStation 5 will finally offer greater storage versatility

Although not available on launch day, PlayStation 5 comes with an available SSD slot. But, these will have to be certified by Sony due to the new technology used in the console.

Therefore, it is to be expected that its price in this initial stage will be well above the average.

On the other hand, PS5 supports the use of a traditional external disk, but it can only be used to play PS4 titles.

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