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PS5: Sony almost sold 8 million consoles, but it could be a lot more!

PS5: Sony almost sold 8 million consoles, but it could be a lot more!

With the release of its most recent financial report, Sony revealed that it has sold more than 7.8 million PlayStation 5 (PS5). Taking into account that 4.5 million were officially sold in 2020, it is confirmed that during the first quarter of this year they managed to reach 3.3 million.

However, there is no doubt that these figures could have been much higher. Practically since its launch, the PS5 has been impossible to buy in many countries, including Portugal. Sony console fans have been eagerly awaiting news for months to confirm the return of the PlayStation 5 to the stores.

During the last weeks several information circulated indicating the return of the console to various stores in the United States, Canada and also the United Kingdom. Thus, it is expected that it will not be much longer until the Japanese giant can respond to the great demand for its new console.

Sony’s revenue boosts considerably thanks to PS5 and digital sales

Figures revealed by the financial report point to a 26.9% (YoY) increase in Sony’s revenue. This increase was obviously driven by the launch of the PlayStation. 5, but the console was not solely responsible.

In recent months the company has enjoyed enormous growth in digital sales, both in services and in games and accessories. More and more gamers are looking to buy games directly from the console store, giving preference to the digital versions of the games.

In addition, the studios continue to invest heavily in monetizing their games through DLC content and offering many visuals, which are increasingly in demand.

All these transactions help Sony to continue to present positive figures as a company, even though other market segments are much more difficult for the company.

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