PS5: Naughty Dog to develop a remake of the Last of Us for the next generation

The Naughty Dog game The Last of Us, originally released for the PlayStation 3 in 2013, could be about to receive a revamped version for the PS5. According to Bloomberg, Sony has deployed a development unit led by Michael Mumbauer to produce a new version of the game.

Until now, Sony had never acknowledged the existence of this team or its work on a remake of The Last of Us for PS5, even rumors that it was not funneling enough money towards the project. From what Bloomberg managed to find out, the Japanese company will now have passed the project over to the original studio, so it can continue working on the remake codenamed T1X.

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Bloomberg sources indicate that Hermen Hulst, the leader of PlayStation’s global studios since November 2019, considered the remake to be too expensive. Following the postponement of the sequel, The Last of Us Part 2, Mumbauer’s team will have been called in to help Naughty Dog finish production.

Disillusioned with Sony’s treatment, Mumbauer and his team eventually abandoned the project, leaving the original studio to lead development of the new version of the game for the PlayStation. 5.

So far neither Sony nor Naughty Dog have confirmed that they are in fact developing The Last of Us Remake for the PS5, but it won’t be strange to accept this possibility.

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The game, which ushered in one of the most popular PlayStation franchises, was originally released for the PS3, having received a remastering for PS4. Considering the economic success of these games, it will not be unreasonable to accept that there will be interest in launching a version for the new PlayStation console.

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