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Pokèmon Arceus Legends: Complete Guide

Pokèmon Arceus Legends: Complete Guide

If you are playing Pokèmon Arceus legends, then the Complete Guide that we want to offer you today will be useful, in which we illustrate the Guides to the main mechanics present in the game.

How to Redeem Gifts

As it was already in Pokèmon Sword and Shield or Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl, also in Pokèmon Arceus legends it’s possible redeem the Mysterious Giftthrough i codes provided by Game Freak and Nintendo. THE codes to redeem they have an expiration date, so you will have to use them in the allotted time.

Currently you can get:

For redeem Mysterious Gift code in Pokemon Arceus Legends:

  1. Open your bag
  2. Press the ZR button and scroll right one screen
  3. Click on the Mysterious Gift option
  4. Click on ‘Get with code / password’
  5. Enter the code available to you
  6. For Gifts that do not require a code, just click on ‘Get via the Internet’

The Mysterious Gift it will be active only after completing the mission 5 of the adventure.

How to change suits and hairstyles

In Pokèmon Arceus legends it’s possible change the appearance of the protagonist, from clothing to hairstyles. To change the dress, just go to a clothes shop in the Giubilio Village, the first you meet at the beginning of your adventure. The clothing items that are shirts, pants, shoes or other must be purchased, you can also customize the appearance of the avatar with hats and masks. The clothing items do not give any facilitation to the character, it is only an aesthetic matter.

For change haircut you will have to visit the Barber shopalways located in the Giubilio Village, there are different hairstyles and colors that you can choose, both for men and women. At any time you can go to the shop and change your look to make the coach as personal as possible.

How to earn experience points

In the course of the adventure you will be able to farm experience points for level up and the stats of the Pokèmon. There are some specific activities they will do for you earn more XP.

Capture wild Pokémon

The first activity is rightly that of catching wild Pokemonin some cases you will have to weaken the Pokemon before capturing it with the Pokèball empty. Make use of it stealth to get closer to Pokèmon and catch or surprise them to start a fight to your advantage, the higher the Wild Pokémon caught it’s more experience points you will get. Defeat wild Pokemon it will earn you others XP beyond those provided for capture.

Challenge coaches

As happens in every I play on Pokèmon, also in Pokèmon Arceus legends you will meet different trainers, face them and defeat them to get experience points enough to level up and boost your stats, don’t shy away from clashes.

Using objects

There are some items that will come in very handy, especially if you want increase experience points obtained in-game, in a short period of time. Among the objects are the EXP candies which can be obtained as a reward for completing some side missions.

What are the Base Camps for?

During the adventure you will happen to come across Base Fields, small settlements or outposts scattered around the game world, where it is possible to carry out certain actions. The fields in question can be used for let the Pokèmon restthen restore health after fights, fast forward the time of the day, craft useful items, get new recipes and more. If you have or want to visit certain areas at specific times of the day or you need particular objects, then i Base Fields are for you.

How to get all Starters

As happens in every I play on Pokèmonat the beginning of the adventure it is possible to choose only one Pokèmon Starter, how then to unblock the others? Simple, you have to complete the adventureafter which return to the Giubilio Villageand dialogue with the Professor Lavenyou can find it in the headquarters of Team Galaxyas a reward he will give you just the two starters missing. Alternatively you can also catch them, always after completing the story, however this is a particularly difficult action because they do not appear very frequently.

How to expand your inventory

In game you will have an inventory available to store useful items during the adventure. How to spread the inventory? Simple, first of all you have to unlock the ability to ride Wyrdeerthen accept the new quest at Giubilo Village. In dialogue with Bagin he will offer to help you in exchange for money, depending on the amount you pay you will have a larger inventory.

How to make money

In Pokèmon Arceus legends there is the Pokèmon dollaressential to use the services offered by the various NPC to the Giubilo Village. There are various ways to earn money fast.


During the adventure you will happen to be faced with several secondary quests, do not forget them because they could earn you a lot of money. Although they are repetitive they are essential to make money, be sure to talk to them NPC that you find in the village.

Main story

While it might be obvious, it is important to progress through the main storyline, complete missions and explore areas that will earn you a lot of money.

THE Pokèmon Alpha

Exploring the region of Hisui you will meet several Pokèmonsome of them differ in size and aggression, called precisely Alphaonce defeated they will release very rare items.


Last but certainly not least there is the crafting of objects using the materials collected and obtained during the adventure.

Explore every possibility to get money, it will come in very handy for your purchases.