Phil Spencer opposed to modular consoles

Tell the truth, how many of you dream of a modular console produced by Microsoft or Sony like the Steam Box? Phil Spencer in a recent statement he said he was totally against the production of one Xbox modular, that is, it can be updated and upgraded by the consumer.

Xbox Modular? No thanks!

Many are convinced that Project Scorpio will allow consumers to expand its features and enhance them by opening the console and replacing the components, Phil Spencer with a recent Tweet wanted to put the dots on the i as they say, let’s find out together what were his words about it:

Frankly, I don’t approve of making a console modular, replacing its components to make it more powerful, we’re certainly not talking about a PC. Consoles are different devices than a computer, each with its own strengths. Allowing a player to open a console to upgrade its components is certainly not part of our plans.

A console is something special, that is, you buy it, connect it to the TV and you are immediately ready to play, there is no need for any screwdriver or other operations, so I can without a doubt say that we have no intention of inserting a screwdriver. in the box!

In other words, Project Scoprio will be decidedly powerful compared to the current Xbox One and probably PS4 PRO but like all the other consoles produced to date it will not be modular, which means that in a few years we could expect a new console, if you are looking for variable power. you can always opt for a Desktop PC and replace components every year or month.

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