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  5. “Open Smart WiFi”: enter the App through the Movistar+ Voice Command

“Open Smart WiFi”: enter the App through the Movistar+ Voice Command

“Open Smart WiFi”: enter the App through the Movistar+ Voice Command

Do you already know Aura, Movistar’s virtual assistant? Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence that your Movistar+ Voice Remote has integrated, you will be able to enjoy a much more enriched experience through voice, with the Movistar Apps: own or third party applications available in the top menu of Movistar+.

Within the catalog you can find some related to connectivity such as the Smart WiFi App. If you have the Movistar+ Voice Remote at home, press the button “Aura” gave “Open Smart Wi Fi”. This way, you won’t have to navigate through the main menu to find it. Within this application, you can check the password of your Smart WiFi Router, and generate a QR code so you don’t have to enter it manually on your devices.

Also, you can create a guest network when your friends come You will also have functionalities at your disposal to improve your connectivity, such as restarting the router or optimizing the WiFi signal. You can even check how many devices are connected to your network.

What do you need to be able to use the command: “Open Smart WiFi” with the Movistar+ Voice Command

You can purchase the Movistar+ Voice Remote at your nearest Movistar store or through the website. To get the most out of your command with your voice, you need to have the UHD Decoder or the UHD Smart WiFi Decoder at home to access Movistar+ and the applications it offers.

Thanks to Bluetooth technology you can press the button “Aura” to access the Movistar Apps comfortably without having to point to the Decoder.

With Aura, enjoy experiences through voice with the Movistar Apps

Thanks to Aura you can enjoy more applications, such as the My Movistar App, where you can access information about your products contracted with Movistar or check your bill broken down by lines. Gave “Open My Movistar” for access via voice.

In addition to these apps, you will also find the Prosegur Alarms App on Movistar+. If you’re going on vacation and want to install an alarm sooner, say “Open Prosegur Alarms”. Here you will find information about alarm services, available devices, as well as practical advice on security.

Enjoy a smarter home with Aura

If you liked the experience of interacting with Aura by voice, remember that you can also add a new member to the family of devices in your home: Movistar Home. Through it, you can also talk to Aura and enjoy more features related to Smart Wi Fi app.

To activate Movistar Home listening it is necessary to say “OK Aura”. From this moment you can give the order you want. Gave “Okay Aura, reset my wifi« or “OK Aura, show me the password of my WiFi”.

Now you know how to open the Smart WiFi App through the Movistar+ Voice Remote. If you want to know more features through voice, you will find many recommendations in this Command Guide.

Take advantage of the opportunity that Aura offers you to turn your house into a connected home, and don’t miss any of the possibilities of speaking with Aura through the Movistar+ Voice Command.