Nvidia prepares the future of gaming laptops with new technology


Image: Nvidia

After announcing the graphics and performance improvements of DLSS 2.0 on computers, Nvidia presented its plans for the future of gaming-focused notebooks. In the videoconference we were invited to attend, the company showed the future of the Geforce notebook and how it integrates with the new Max-Q technologies with double the efficiency.

Aware that more and more homes are using a notebook, Nvidia showed machines costing between 700 and 1000 dollars, all already optimized for their best GPUs, with the RTX 2060 running more accessible than ever.

Nvidia’s hardware is compatible with the main automakers in the marketSource: Nvidia

The big star of videoconferencing was the improvement in Max-Q technology. With it, the machine can more easily decide where to reallocate system resources, choosing between the GPU or CPU according to what the games are demanding the most. As each title has a different demand, artificial intelligence works actively to direct watts to where they are most needed.

The new Max-Q directs W to where they are most neededSource: Nvidia

As the technology moves with electric currents, unfortunately it will not be possible to carry out software updates to enjoy the novelty, which will only be present in the newest hardware on the market, in brands such as Acer Nitro 5, HP Omen 15, Asus ROG G512 and Lenovo Y540.

Technology improves performance without using more batterySource: Nvidia

Playing with the RTX 2080 Super Powered, the new laptops manage to have more performance and maintain the same energy consumption, saving battery. The advantages are also felt for those who use 3D rendering applications or video editors, perfect for a professional notebook or gamer.