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Not the Google video we wanted, but what we needed

Not the Google video we wanted, but what we needed

Google, we love you! The company’s latest video is either a crazy troll or a genius gimmick. Either way, when you’re done viewing it, you’ll want a Pixel.

Google has released a new video on YouTube in which it explains how to switch from your old smartphone to a Google Pixel. During DAD (distance learning) you will feel like you are going back to class for a meditation lesson. The video is really a lot of fun. We love Google because sometimes it can pull top-notch pearls like this one out of the hat.


Close your eyes. Live the moment. Inhale and exhale. Accept your inner peace. Namaste. This is what you may probably hear in the countless meditation instructional videos on YouTube. However, in this video we are not talking about meditation, but about technology. In fact, the video focuses on showing how simple, short and relaxing it is to switch from an old smartphone to a Google Pixel device.

The video is a blatant mockery of those meditators who are online with random slow-motion scenes.

It almost seems absurd that Google conceived a video like that, but it’s all beautiful. At least it is something unconventional and unconventional. We hope that the video will not be removed and more companies will publish such material. Life is too short for serious videos, take yourself less seriously, smile … and move on to Pixel!