Nintendo Switch x Indie Developers: new appointment with the developers of the successful SteamWorld series

Nintendoin collaboration with IIDEA, the Association that represents the video game industry in Italy, is organizing a new appointment with independent video game developers working on Nintendo Switch consoles. This time, the frame will be First Playablethe first international business event dedicated to video game developers in Italy, organized by IIDEA in synergy with Toscana Film Commission. The protagonists of the virtual panel, which will take place on Thursday 1 July at 16:00 and will be broadcast on the official Twitch channel of the event, will be Ulf Hartelius and Robert Olsén, two members of the development team of SteamWorld, the successful tactical series that stars steam-powered robots in a post-apocalyptic world with steampunk tones.

The developers will be available for any questions from the public and will talk about their experience in creating video games on the Nintendo Switch in a dedicated panel, which will be moderated by Elisa Di Lorenzo, Co-Founder of the Untold Games studio. Ulf Hartelius has been in charge of coding and designing the series since the second SteamWorld Dig chapter and is currently working as Game Director on the highly anticipated new The Gunk. Robert Olsén has also been in the team since the beginning of the saga: starting as a Junior Game Designer, he has become, over the years and after numerous successes, one of the most experienced and senior members of the Swedish Image & Form studio.

Four years after the release of Nintendo Switchthe home console library Nintendo it gradually grows, so much so that it has surpassed the milestone of over 2000 titles, and this also thanks to independent development companies, increasingly synonymous with quality. Nintendo has chosen to be at the forefront of supporting development studies by providing, with its dedicated round tables, a great possibility of visibility to the media and the public for developers, so that they can continue to grow and evolve.

First Playable is an event focused on the video game business, where developers and publishers meet to establish collaborations and projects together, but it does not only aim to connect the operators of the sector. Consistent with the mission of IIDEA and its institutional partners, the event has the most strategic aim of making Italian companies grow and help them develop their business in a competitive and constantly evolving international market such as that of video games.