Nintendo assistance receives 500 daily Joy-Con repair orders


Image: Nintendo Life

Do you have a Nintendo Switch? Has your Joy-Con ever presented the famous drift? Know that Nintendo already offers the repair or exchange free of charge in Brazil, through the authorized company Deal4b. However, the demand for assistance has been high. “Repair orders reach 500 per day,” said Lucas Fonseca, the company’s service supervisor.

The problem with the Nintendo Switch controls took over the first buyers of the laptop, worldwide and Brazilian consumers were directly impacted. All due to the lack of official Nintendo representation in the country until September this year.

What is joy-con drift?

The famous joy-con drift is the involuntary movement of the left or right analog, which makes it impossible for the player to have full control of his actions during a game. For example, a game character can move on his own, without contact from a person in charge. If this is your problem, you are now able to request official technical assistance.

How to order the repair or exchange?

As it is a problem recognized by Nintendo, the repair or exchange is offered free of charge, as long as the owner of the console and Joy-Cons follow some rules for shipping accessories to the authorized company.

The person responsible for providing services in Brazil is Deal4b, located in the state of São Paulo. You can contact us by phone (11) 3197-4895 or email: [email protected]

Right after the first contact, the company will request some data to confirm the problem and proceed with the process. The necessary information is:

  • Full name.
  • CPF or CNPJ.
  • Address.
  • Neighborhood.
  • City.
  • Email and phone.
  • Defective component information (model, Serial Number).
  • Brief description of the defect.
  • If possible, photo or copy of the invoice (for registration only).
  • Defect photo or video.

To get Joy-Con’s Serial Number, just enter the console settings, access “Console” and go to “Serial Numbers”. On the page, you will be able to find all the necessary codes for sending the document. If deemed relevant, the consumer can send the Serial Number of the console and battery.

Based on the information, the consumer will be registered and receive a free postage authorization at the Post Office, through reverse logistics. When receiving the products, the assistance will make the necessary repairs or a complete change of control. When returning, the consumer will be able to track the delivery using the tracking code.

For greater convenience and speed in the postage process, your order must be properly packed and closed, accompanied by the invoice or content declaration form, affixed to the outside of the order.

It is worth mentioning that depending on the post office, it is possible to purchase a package free of charge. For this, it is necessary to go to an Own Agency (AC) instead of the franchisees (AGF). Here, you can find a list of the agencies themselves.

Deal4b will take care of other defects that appear on the Switch. However, Nintendo points out that each repair will follow unique conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to talk to the company to find out what can be done.