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New PC games with DirectX 10 beat consoles

New PC games with DirectX 10 beat consoles

According to a recent study by the Associated Press, playing the PC is making a comeback and the reason for this return would be dictated by the fact that the video game consoles available on the market today are not able to handle the DirectX 10 and the latest Bees. The titles able to take advantage of DirectX 10 are now available and the next few months offer a list of video games that could lead many users to marry Windows Vista and invest in a graphics card with support dedicated to the new Microsoft libraries rather than orienting themselves on the purchase. of Xbox 360 or Playstation 3.

From a technical point of view we are faced with a real revolution as the old versions of DirectX were developed starting from the base of the previous releases, versions of which substantially represented an improvement but unable to overcome some intrinsic limits. With DirectX 10 instead Microsoft has completely changed the video setting by opting for a radical renewal and a redesign from scratch which translates into a decisive qualitative and methodological leap in the development phase.

After a long period of waiting, the first games that fully exploit all the potentialities of the new directX 10 have finally arrived! After a period of pause, therefore, the PCs now put themselves in a position to compete with the best consoles in terms of graphics and gaming qualities. To get the best out of your PC, you need a compatible graphics card and the latest windows vista operating system installed on your pc otherwise you have to settle for directX 9.

Best games for directX 10 available on the market today are definitely Crysis. The Cry Engine 2 or the game engine makes extensive use of all the main innovations introduced by Microsoft in the DirectX libraries: motion blur, rain, geometric modification of the terrain, soft shadow, soft particles, Hdr rendering and much more.

Another game that belongs to the new generation of 3D games with directX 10 native support is sure World in Conflict. Unlike Crysis which belongs to the category of Fps games, i.e. first person shooter, World in Conflict belongs to the large family of Rts, i.e. real Time Strategy.

World in Conflict unlike all other game titles developed to date implements 3D graphics that have nothing to envy to the best games developed so far. The game engine allows you to enable some reflection effects which are only available if you have a DirectX 10 compatible graphics card.