New free Conecta Empleo courses: the future of digital employment

The new batch of free courses from Conecta Empleo, Fundación Telefónica’s digital training program, has just landed full of news with registration open until June 30.

With the arrival of COVID 19, promoting digital training has become a necessity. According to LinkedIn, in the next five years more than two million new positions related to technology will be created in Spain. Hence the importance of promote digital skills in the populationthis being the objective of the Conecta Empleo courses.

The biggest novelty of the courses this quarter is introduced by the third edition of Nanogrado Construction 4.0 focused on teaching us how to take advantage of the potential of digitization within the construction sector. From the Foundation, together with the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE) and the Fundación Laboral de la Construcción, they bring us this 220 hour workshop in a seven course itinerarydivided into transversal and specific content.

Conecta Empleo courses focused on promoting digital skills

This second call for Fundación Telefónica courses is made up of twenty workshops, from digital communication, cybersecurity, IT, marketing to knowledge of big data and the Internet of Things (IoT). All of them aimed at helping students understand the changes in this new labor market, helping them to develop their capacities to be part of the change digital.

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Next, We present these courses by areas with a brief explanation of each area.

Course in Nanodegree in construction 4.0

It is the third edition of one of the Conecta Empleo courses that generates the most interest between users. We refer to the term ‘nanograde’ when students work with collaborative web tools, such as video chats, wikis, blogs, etc., facilitating learning through practice and dialogue.

Specifically, this course is aimed at the construction sector with the aim that the people who take it are able to adapt to the digital needs of this sector and to be able to improve and enhance their job skills.

If your work is evolving towards the more digital sphere or if you want to start training in this area, the Nanodegree in Construction 4.0 course is ideal for you. Throughout the 220 hour workshop, you will learn how a digital marketing strategy can be key to improve the competitiveness of your company in the sectorhow you can manage a project from your smartphone, in addition to entering the world of big data and IoT.

If you have taken the course in previous editions, you can enroll in those modules that you have pending until next July 11.

Courses in digital communication

How to create a digital communication strategy in social networks? If you work in the world of communication, surely in your job search this has been one of the main requirements in the offers you have applied for.

In recent years, communication has gone from offline to online, with digital environments such as blogs or social networks acquiring greater importance. Therefore, it is key that communication professionals renew their skills and are trained in the world of digital communication and all its potential.

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Fundación Telefónica has launched three courses aimed at those who want to acquire skills in the creation of digital content:

  • Communication and digital collaboration (30 hours)
  • Creation of digital content in the educational environment (30 hours)
  • Learn Word Press (30 hours)

Courses in digital marketing

Although, one of the areas with a highest employment rate in Spain is the digital marketing sector. According to the report prepared by Inesdi, ‘Top 25 Digital Professions 2019’, the first five profiles most requested by companies are: Digital Marketing Manager, Community Manager, Digital Communication Manager, Content Manager and Digital Analyst.

From Conecta Empleo, these are the three courses offered until March 31:

  • Digital marketing (30 hours)
  • Web Analytics (30 hours)
  • Nanograde Construction 4.0 (220 hours)

Courses in programming and design at Conecta Empleo

Another area where there is a wide labor demand is the world of computing. More and more companies are demanding technology professionals, especially in times of teleworking, where having an adequate computer system is essential.

According to LinkedIn, the pandemic the demand for technology experts has increased by 63% in areas such as Cloud, Java, software development, DevOps, etc. In this sense, the courses offered this quarter to enhance these skills are:

  • Cybersecurity in the educational environment (30 hours)
  • Growth hacking (30 hours)
  • Manage your projects via smartphone (40 hours)
  • Introduction to video game design (30 hours)
  • Project management with Agile methodologies (40 hours)
  • Introduction to programming (30 hours)
  • Programming fundamentals (40 hours)
  • Programming with Java Standard (40 hours)
  • Programming with Javascript (40 hours)
  • Web design with HTML5 + CSS (30 hours)
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Also, if you are thinking of acquiring more knowledge in the world of programming, 42 Madrid is open for registration. You do not need to have prior knowledge or qualifications, just be over 18 years old and eager to learn. The selection process consists of an online registration test and a 26 day face to face selection period.

Courses in soft skills

Companies are betting more and more on profiles focused on soft skills or soft skills. When we mention these abilities, we refer to the teamwork, two way communication, conflict resolution training, resilienceetc.

While hard skills are those technical knowledge that we learn every day in our work; soft skills tend to depend more on ourselves, since they are not yet promoted at a general level in schools or jobs. Therefore, it is important that we learn to develop them because they are highly valued in job search.

Throughout this quarter, Conecta Empleo is launching a new course aimed at helping us enhance our soft skills:

  • Skills for employment (30 hours)

Other Conecta Employment courses

Just as important as programming in Java can be, having knowledge of the technologies of the future means betting on an almost certain job. In fact, according to a report by the World Economic Forum ‘The future of jobs’ in 2025 a large part of the job offers They will be related to specialized positions in artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, IoT, etc.

  • Social entrepreneurship (30 hours)
  • Basic principles of big data (20 hours)
  • Basic principles of the Internet of Things (20 hours)
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Finally, we remind you that in the third quarter Conecta Empleo, starting June 30, will launch a new batch of courses to continue promoting digital employment. All of them will help the student to understand and participate in the changes that are developing around the new labor market.

Header image by John Schnobrich.