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Movistar+ Guide: how to consult all the programming

Movistar+ Guide: how to consult all the programming

Movistar+ includes in its entertainment platform dozens of television channels broadcast 24 hours a day. Hours and hours of television with programs, series, movies, documentaries, sports and children’s content. We can do all that programming. enjoy live or deferred, either recording or through the U7D service.

And so that you don’t miss anything, you have several sources where you can find what you are looking for or discover content of your interest. One of these tools is Movistar TV Guideessential for know what will be on all channels that you have hired today, tomorrow and in the coming days.

Best of all, the Movistar Programming Guide is available everywhere. Come on, you can check it directly on your TV, through the Movistar decoder and from the official Movistar+ applications. Let’s see all the options you have in your hand to know everything about Movistar+ with your programming guide.

The Movistar Guide on your TV

The most obvious choice. If you want to know what do they give, what have they given or what will they give in the channels that includes Movistar+ on their platform, you can do it right from your TV. Specifically, from your decoder, whether you have the UHD Decoder or the UHD Smart WiFi Decoder.

As quick and easy as clicking on the guide button of your Movistar+ Remote or Movistar+ Voice Remote. In the second case, you can even ask Aura directly by clicking on the corresponding button.

Among the many advantages of the Movistar Programming Guide, you can jump between hours and days, filter by type of channels or simply watch them all in their usual order. When you find something interesting, you can access its file, see related content and activate the function of Recording or add it to favorites.

The Movistar Guide of your decoder is also used to retrieve content already broadcast thanks to the U7D service or to watch something that is currently being broadcast From the beginning.

Check the content schedule by voice

Another way to see what content is being broadcast and even receive personalized recommendations is to do so by voice, thanks to the integration of Aura, Movistar’s virtual assistant. You can interact with Aura through:

Check the schedule with the Movistar+ app

The official Movistar+ app is available for smartphones, whether you have iOS or a mobile with Android as the operating system. You can also download it on your tablet. Another alternative option is to watch Movistar+ from your computer, accessing the official Movistar+ page with your default browser.

The Movistar guide on the website

Another good alternative to check the Movistar+ schedule is available on the official Movistar website. Like the previous guides, it shows the programming of all available channels, both paid and open. And it shows the schedule for today, tomorrow and the next few days.

The Movistar Guide The web version is available in two versions. The first is designed to be viewed in the web browser of your computer or tablet. Includes filters by type of content, search engine, etc. If you use your phone or tablet, you can opt for the mobile version of this guide.

While the first shows programming horizontally, the mobile guide facilitates programming vertically, channel by channel. Both guides can be used in all current web browsers. In addition to the online guide, you will have the opportunity to download a pdf with that content. The PDFs available They cover two months and allow you to watch movies, documentaries, series, children’s, adult content or the complete programming.

A peculiarity of these two online guides is that you can see the content ordered alphabetically, instead of doing it by day and/or hour. It’s a different way to see what shows will air. When accessing each tab, you will see when and where certain content will be broadcast.

In the Mi Movistar app

If you don’t know it yet, from the application My Movistar You can control and be informed of everything that has to do with your contract and services associated with Movistar.

In addition to seeing you consumption, contracted productshire more products or cancel them, obtain your PUK, download other Movistar applications and a long etcetera, you will also find a shortcut for Movistar Guide of programming.

Specifically, if you are going to TV within your contracted products, you will see TV guide. That shortcut will take you to the mobile version of the Movistar Guide, which will open in your default iPhone or Android web browser.