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Motorola Milestone Root Guide

Motorola Milestone Root Guide

As I had already announced on androidiani’s twitter ea someone through some other unconventional channel the root has arrived. I had foreseen it would arrive on the 13th but it doesn’t matter .. The important thing is that now we Milestonians can finally take advantage of our milestone.
The procedure is very simple …

..you just need to download the file you find attached to this post, rename it to update.zip (be careful not to rename it to update.zip.zip) and place it on your sdcard.

At this point, turn off your milestone and turn it on, press and hold the camera key. This will allow you to enter that recovery ciofeca that motorola has assembled for us on the milestone.

Once you enter the recovery there are two possibilities:

If you are in the first case, your mobile phone has entered recovery correctly so go to the menu by simply clicking in order “Volume Up”, “Camera” .. If everything works, the screen will change and you will be shown some options that can be navigated with the volume selector and selectable with the central button of the dpad.

At this point, we scroll through the menu until we reach the message “apply update.zip from sdcard” and, if we have done everything correctly so far, we give “ok” by pressing the central button of the d-pad.

At this point the mandelbrot fractal should appear which, through swirls on the screen, will hypnotize you until the collapse of a series of writings that indicate the progress of the update.

The following question is spontaneous:“How do I know if the update has finished correctly?”

Simple, no error messages will appear between notifications. Indeed it will be written “Rooting your phone” and you will be asked almost immediately to reboot.

Well, we just have to start playing with the milestone 🙂

What do I do now that I have the milestone rooted?

We have set up a kind of development team, waiting for xda to move, and then you just have to sign up in our forum (since I will give them the first news) and wait to install recovery and kernel with netfilter activated for tethering and much even more 🙂

Happy rooting 🙂

PS: I spontaneously inserted the crossed out ****** to get you to reflect on what you are reading

PS2: If your milestone stops working are your ***** 🙂

Thanks to:

Download Mirror 1 , Mirror 2