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Mi Calculator review, available on the Play Store

Mi Calculator review, available on the Play Store

Xiaomi’s app has arrived on the Play Store. Mi Calculator is available for download on all devices, but it is not a simple Calculator app.

A few days ago we saw the presentation of the new home smartphone Xiaomi: the Mi A1. A innovative product in many respects for the Chinese home. The most relevant feature for us others of the old continent is that this smartphone will also be officially marketed in Europe (albeit not in Italy, at least for the moment). This is therefore the long-awaited opening of the Chinese company to the European market.

With this in mind of global expansion, Xiaomi has launched its Calculator app on the Google store. It must be specified that Xiaomi is a company based in China, a country where the use of the Play Store and Google services is not allowed. So the publication of this app is aimed precisely at non-Asian markets.

Over time we have been able to observe how smartphones of Asian origin have different proprietary apps which replace the classic Google. Even more often, these apps they are much more complete than those of Big G.

Certainly the name of this is not the most imaginative. However, Mi Calculator is not a simple calculatorin fact, it consists of several features.

In the Home it is accessed from the icon in the upper left corner that we find in each mode. From the questionable color, the menu with the various usable modes appears as in the images. The gaps on the second page suggest an increase in the offering of features in the future.

The settings are accessed via the gear icon in the upper right corner. The only adjustable parameter is the automatic conversion of the angles used in the trigonometric formulas, into radians.


In the converter modes we find convenient drop-down menus to change the units of measure as needed. The features seen are really disparate. An app that is useful for everyone. From high school or university student to anyone who needs to quickly calculate a mortgage.

The product really looks well thought out and realized, simple and immediate; no unnecessary frills. Far better and more usable, for example, than the Meizu Calculator app pre-installed on his Flyme. Very important thing: it is also well translated. Except for the name of the app on the Italian Play Store: that remains in Chinese.

You can download the app using the banner at the end of the article with a direct link to the Play Store. Alternatively, here you will find the link to download the apk.

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