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MediEvil remake for PS4 is ready

MediEvil remake for PS4 is ready

Announced at Playstation Experience 2017, MediEvil promised a complete remodel compared to the classic from 1998. And, after two years, the final version of the game is now complete, with only large-scale production and distribution to physical stores digital.

According to the distributor Other Ocean, via Twitter, the game is in a “gold” state, that is, finished, showing the photo of its print on a disc.

It’s the little things. #MediEvil #GoldMaster pic.twitter.com/fvIyHTdHES

– Other Ocean (@Other_Ocean) September 17, 2019

The game tells the story of the skeleton resurrected by his great enemy and in search of redemption, Sir Daniel Fortesque, who faces a long and dangerous journey in his homeland to take revenge on the antagonist. Playstation One classic, went on to win a sequel in 2000, winning awards such as Best Playstation Game, according to Gaming Expo.

(Source: Disclosure)

During the Tokyo Game Show 2019 event, Other Ocean also released exclusive game content containing gameplay and showing the excellent work done by the company. See below:

MediEvil will be exclusive to Playstation 4 and will hit major stores on October 25th.