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Meatballs, the menu that will save us in the future?

Meatballs, the menu that will save us in the future?

The world of 3D printing keeps giving us headlines and news. Especially those that come from the large corporations that are making their first steps in terms of research in this sector.

The question of until when will we have enough food to supply the demand of a growing world population has not been answered with an exact date, but scientists have urged take actions to avoid the problems that are coming to us practically around the corner. Scientists who are also contributing their bit with some more or less successful options. And others that may not make us so funny. The Space10 laboratory has been dedicated in recent years to study our eating habits today, and what they may be tomorrow; and the key is in the meatball.

For them, this meatball has the ability to do more with less. They have the ability to store insects, algae, nuts, and above all, foods made synthetically through 3D printers. But the most important thing is that it can feed us in a very simple way to practically the entire population of the world.

And which is the company that stands out for its best meatballs? It is indeed IKEA, and Space10 is the research laboratory of the multinational furniture company. If they don’t research this product, who’s going to do it? And although the investigation is done for a matter of interest to the company, its intentions are global. They know that some options they “offer” in their menu of the future they are not at all pleasant, but they also know that our eating habits have to change between now or not for a short time. According to the latest UN estimates, our demand for food will grow by 70% within the next 35 years. Unsustainable for the Earth, and above all, taking into account issues such as climate change and the decrease in arable land.

So IKEA has used the expertise it has to make furniture for adapt it to your star menu; we will only have to wait a few years to see if their options are finally added to the menu of their restaurants.

Images: Space10