LG Apple TV App Launched for Select Smart TVs 2018

LG appears to be rolling out a firmware update that adds the Apple TV app for select 2018 models.

In February, LG issued software updates that brought the Apple TV app to select 2019 smart TV models. At the time, the company said a firmware update in 2020 would also introduce the TV app on 2018 models.

Although no announcement has been made at the time of writing, LG 2018 TV users have spotted the Apple TV app available for download this week.

It is not clear if the launch is global so far, but it seems that users in various countries have seen the option to download. on Thursday he received advice from readers who have seen the app.

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The Apple TV app can be downloaded from the LG Home app launcher on compatible TVs. Once installed, users can subscribe and watch Apple TV +, access their iTunes libraries, and add additional content providers through Apple TV Channels.

LG has also promised to bring HomeKit and AirPlay 2 compatibility with select 2018 smart TV models by October 2020, including “SK” and “UK” LED models and “B8” to “Z8” OLED models.

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