Lasers as a future means of storing data faster

Laser storage can not only play a critical role in the future of computing and data management, but in the environment and the economy.

In the age of the cloud, data storage has not only not lost its relevance, it is gaining it. The key is to analyze where its current importance lies. At a local level, it is losing, as a result of streaming services for music, audiovisuals or even video games, whose data is in the cloud. Local user data is a large percentage of small files. Everything has gone to the cloud, thickened with personal data and previous services. Therefore, the advantages of laser storage can be decisive.

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Controlling the quantum jumps of electrons by very short laser pulses. of a femtosecond duration, it is achieved, not only to reduce the size required to store data, but a greatly increased storage speed and easier to recover lost data. According to Davide Bossini, who is investigating these techniques, “comparing the speed of quantum jump laser storage with the technology available today is like comparing the speed of the fastest train with the speed of light.”

The heat generation it is also critical when considering storage types, and is a real headache for administrators of large data centers. In this sense, laser storage is also essential for the future, since using materials that are transparent to light, the generation of heat is negligible or non-existent.

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It has recently been shown that certain limitations that were believed untouchable years ago are non-existent. The one that most affects laser storage, the control of magnetism in miniscule sizes, has been achieved. Thus, 1 nanometer magnets can be controlled every 45 femtoseconds. This is 1/1000000 the size and 20,000 times the speed of today’s hard drives.

Advances would not be possible without highly committed scientific research in the background. The control and study of materials and real magnetism are essential for these advances to continue to occur in technology at the rate at which they have done so far. A rhythm that, if it continues like this, will be more important in the advancement of the planet than in the sectoral sphere, because the economic and environmental savings will be gigantic.

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Main image: University Politecnico Milan.

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