Immune, the application against Covid-19

“Immune” is the name of the application chosen by the Milanese company Bending Spoons in collaboration with Santagostino Medical Center. Commissioner Arcuri Domenico signed the order to kick off the construction. The company that has chosen the app will work for free, by financing them independently Development.

The app allows you to have more control for users who have downloaded it voluntarily, since it will not be mandatory on all Italian smartphones. Tracking is done via Bluetooth and the app retains the data until it is certain that it is installed on a positive al device COVID-19.

At that point the user with a touch, will be able to give consent to the application to processing of their stored data on the smartphone, thus giving the possibility to trace the people with whom the positive individual has been in contact in the previous days, reconstructing the whole pyramid.

The app will consist of two parts: a history with contact tracking with which to recognize the devices with which one has come into contact and a part with a register on the health state. The app obviously respects the privacy parameters indicated by the EU: temporary use, voluntary download and respect for privacy regulations and Bluetooth technology.