Immune: source available on GitHub | COVID-19

Up Githubtonight, the application source code was loaded Immune (the last part still not published), together with the documents on the functioning of the app software for the contact tracing chosen by the government.

Being on this platform, anyone who wants to can see specifically the technical details of Immuni. In the file there are important specifications regarding how the app was developed and will be managed in the next future. Some names and the roles that different companies have had in development have been reiterated:

“Under the supervision of the Italian Ministry of Health together with the support of the Department for Technological Innovation and Digitization, a series of public stakeholders and private individuals collaborated on the Immuni project, that is SoGEI SpA and PagoPA SpA belonging to the previous category e Bending Spoons SpA to the latter. Furthermore, Bending Spoons SpA is the author of the source code published in this repository. “

This app will follow the pattern decentralized by Google and Applein fact, all the data collected will be kept on every single device and not on a central server (in this way you will have a good decentralization of the data). Immuni will not track the movements and it will not be mandatory to download or use it.

The information collected may only be shared by means of an authorization from the smartphone owner, furthermore all data collected and shared with the central server (managed by Sogei), must be canceled by December 2020this will make it difficult to use this information for other future purposes

All documentation is obviously written in English and i programming languages used are different: Swift, Python and Kotlin. The Immuni code is available for download on GitHub and is divided into four repositories main:
immuni-app-android, immuni-app-ios, immuni-ci-scheduler, immuni-documentation.

The application, from tonight, is getting closer and closer to release public and as already mentioned above, from now on anyone will be able to follow the events and development of Immuni. Still, however, it is not known whether a public beta test or whether it will go directly to the official release. The release of the app is expected within a week, between the month of May and the beginning of June. Given the short-term release, the public release is expected to take place directly without going through a beta test public.