How to update Google Play Store and have the latest version on my Android

Like all applications, receive occasional updates, But Google Play Store is not an app in the traditional sense that you can easily update.

It is not in the store list, and since it is not in the list, it will not be shown in the list of applications to be updated. Instead, Google automatically updates your app when needed.. If you want your device to be updated at all times with the latest versions of your favorite applications, in the case of any application.

How to update Google Play Store and have the latest version on my Android

How to update Google Play Store for free to the latest version?

But did you ever wonder how to update my google play store? Here we will tell you how you can update to its latest version on your Android:

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But what if you don’t have the latest version? Due to the way the deployments work, you may be using two different versions of the app on two different devices.

This is what you can do to force an update to the latest version.

How to update Google Play Store and have the latest version on my Android

How to force update Google Play Store?

It’s extremely easy to force an update, but you will never find the settings without being prompted. Just follow the instructions Step by Step then:

  1. Open the app Google Play Store.
  2. Tap on the menu icon in the top left-hand corner.
  3. Scroll down to Setting and tap the link.
  4. One more time, scroll until the end of the list.
  5. You will find the version Play Store.
  6. Single tap on version of Play Store.
  7. One of two stuff will happen now.
  8. Or you will see a message in screen which confirms that your application.
  9. Which it’s Play Store is up to date or the app will start updating in the background.
  10. When complete the update, you will receive a notification.
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Update manually by installing the APK

Even if you tell us that the app is up to date, it is possible that a new version is already circulating on other devices and may not reach us until a few weeks later.

  1. If we want to have this new version, we will need to manually update our APK by installing the latest version.
  2. We need to download the latest version, searching for the application through your search engine.
  3. There, we just have to find and download the APK that matches the CPU architecture of our device.
  4. Once it has been selected the variant of the APK.
  5. We just have to click on “Download APK“and install on our smartphone.
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What are the advantages of downloading the Play Store on your Android mobile?

The most used application on a smartphone with the Android operating system, is without a doubt your digital download store, the Play Store, advantages:
1. Backward compatibility with Android operating systems: this exists in almost all computers that have this system, regardless of the type or current of the Android.
2. File distribution: with the purpose of optimizing the search and download of files this account has a total of six digital stores.
3. What does it offer us: it is currently app download platform both paid and free, it gives us the possibility to get games, movies, books, applications of many kinds and music as well as subscriptions to magazines.
4. Payment returns: it is one of the few existing platforms that offers us the possibility of reimbursing us for the money invested in any product consumed, with a time limit of up to 2 hours.
5. High standards: maybe the reason for its popularity It is due to the fact of the insurance that any application is downloaded, without the fear of getting some malware in between.
In addition, there is also an external application, which supports Google Play Store, called Android App Bundl and that allows you to:
• Decreased weight of downloaded files.

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• Allows you to request an update without exit the App.

• By customizing it can Increase Speed installation and download of applications.
Faced with all the above, you already know what are the advantages that this great download application available for phones offers you with Android system. But tell us what other advantages you know, let us know your answer in the comments.

Now that you know all this, what are you waiting for? Download the latest version of the Play Store now and enjoy its benefits on your smartphone.

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