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How to share your WiFi password from iPhone or iPad with any device, including MacBooks

How to share your WiFi password from iPhone or iPad with any device, including MacBooks

In this guide, we will show you how to share your Wi-Fi connection from your iPhone to any other device, be it an iPad, Mac, any other Apple device, even Android, or otherwise. This quick tip makes it easy to connect friends or set up new devices on your network. Never again will you have to worry about misspellings or finding that cryptic Wi-Fi password!

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Easily share your WiFi credentials (user ID and password) with other devices

Searching for the WiFi password can be a real hassle. Whether you have friends who want to connect or set up a new device, there always seems to be some reason why the cryptic code is needed.

These days, most Wi-Fi routers come with useful cards that tell you the network name and password; But if you’re like me, remembering where you last placed the card is as easy as remembering the 16-digit code.

Fortunately, there is a better way. Using smart iOS enhancements and innovative new apps, it is possible to share your Wi-Fi connection quickly and easily with any device that needs it, be it Apple products or otherwise.

Share your Wi-Fi connection with Apple devices

As long as your device is running iOS 11+ or macOS High Sierra +, you’re good to go! Apple brought this clever enhancement to quickly share your WiFi connections with others and designed it, as they do with all of their services, to be as intuitive and simple as possible.

If everything works fine, you will simply be asked to share your Wi-Fi password as soon as someone connects to your network. This process should work for iPhones, iPads, iPods, Apple Watches, and Macs. Anything from Apple or not!

Unfortunately, as with all things, it is not always that simple. That is why we present a step-by-step guide below that will resolve any issues you may be experiencing.

Step-by-step guide to share your Wi-Fi password from your iPhone

  1. If the new device belongs to a friend, add it to your iPhone contacts
  2. Turn on Bluetooth for both devices
  3. Make sure your iPhone is unlocked and connected to the network
  4. With both devices nearby, try connecting the new device to the network
  5. Faucet Share password when prompted on your iPhone
  6. The new device will automatically fill in the password field and connect to Wi-Fi

Additional tips for sharing credentials for your iPhone, with AirDrop

You can also use AirDrop to share other passwords from your iCloud keychain on your iPhone

  1. Tap on Settings> Passwords and accounts> Website and app passwords
  2. Verify with your FaceID / TouchID credentials or password
  3. Once here, tap on any of the web pages you want to share the password for
  4. On the next screen, tap on the username or password field to use Airdrop to share credentials

It does not work?

Did you know …

You can long press the website list on the above screen and copy the user ID or password in one go!

Share your WiFi password with non-Apple devices

With the exciting and varied world we live in, not everyone has an Apple device, so what about connecting Android devices to your network?

Do not worry; We can help with that too! A little more groundwork is needed beforehand though.

The easiest way to share your Wi-Fi connection with non-Apple devices is to create a QR code with your network information.

This process is simpler than it sounds – you also have the advantage of keeping your network details safe from prying eyes! Just follow the steps below to get started.

Step-by-step guide to create a Wi-Fi QR code for Android devices

  1. Download a QR code generator; we use Qrafter
  2. Create a Wi Fi Network QR Code
  3. Enter your SSID (network name) and password; look for them on your router
  4. Save the QR code and share it with your friends
  5. When scanned, your Android device will automatically connect to your Wi-Fi

There you have it, now you know how to share your Wi-Fi connection from your iPhone. Getting connected has never been easier, and you can finally say goodbye to the days of misspelling your password five times in a row! Or is it just me?

Share your WiFi connection with others via iPhone or iPad hotspots

Most people don’t know that you can actually set up and share your iPhone’s internet connection with other surrounding devices using the feature called Personal Hotspot.

A Personal Hotspot allows you to share your iPhone or iPad’s mobile data connection with other devices that do not currently have access to a WiFi network.

It’s not available on all carriers, so let’s first check if your mobile service provider offers it.

How to find and configure a personal access point

  1. Go Settings> Cellular (or mobile)
  2. Scroll through the Personal Hotspot list
  3. If available, tap it then toggle to turn it on
    1. If you don’t see this option, contact your carrier and find out if there are plan options to include this feature
  4. Make a note of the name of this access point and its password; you need it to share it with others.

How to connect to a personal access point

  1. On your device, you want to connect to the Personal Hotspot, go to Settings> WiFi
  2. Find the name of your iPhone or iPad in the list of available networks
  3. Touch to connect and enter password when prompted

When you turn on Personal Hotspot, all connected devices use data from your mobile / cellular data plan. Therefore, be careful when connecting as you may incur additional data charges or reduce your data speed.

How to connect to the Internet via Bluetooth

  1. Go Settings> Bluetooth on your iPhone or iPad that has the internet connection you want to share
    1. Check that your device is discoverable
  2. Go Settings> Cellular (or mobile)
    1. Activate Personal Hotspot
  3. On the device you want to share the Internet with, go to Settings> Bluetooth
  4. Find the device that is sharing the Internet and tap on its name
  5. Confirm the code on the screen
  6. Tap Pair to connect the two devices

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