How to know if an iPhone X cell phone is a Chinese copy, a fake or a replica?

The iPhone X version of the Apple brand it was very famous at its launch. There are many brand-loving users who own this wonderful device, however, word spread that it already owned an imitation, unfortunately this rumor was confirmed. So there is an iPhone device on the market, and you should know that it is not as efficient as the original, which can cause problems to restore the iPhone X

How to Recognize a Fake or Stolen iPhone X Before You Buy It

If you are going to buy a device from this range, you have to be careful. It is very important to recognize a fake iPhone X, therefore, We invite you to continue reading our article, since in it we will cover everything you need to know about this topic.

How to recognize an original iPhone X?

The first thing to consider is the value of the device, as we already know these smartphone They tend to have a very high price, which is around $ 1,000. Therefore, if it costs well below market value, it must look suspicious to you. I recommend that you purchase this type of phone from authorized or reputable stores.

Buying a second-hand phone can be risky. The phone could have been theft or is a fake, in either case they could block the IMEI or iCloud code, which will cause us to lose our money.

Steps to identify a Fake iPhone X.

A key point to identify a fake iPhone It is the classic apple logo, as there are some imitation versions that include a fingerprint reader under it. In the same way, the logo has a darker and more opaque color.

Another influencing factor may be the classic system of 3D Touch screen. SIf we get a chance, let’s turn on the smartphone and review this essential feature; If you do not have this important seal of the iPhone X, then we will be in front of a fake model.

This incredible mobile device is from the brand Apple, Thus, its operating system is iOS 11; Imitations do not have this, since they have a custom layer which is from the Android operating system. How to know which operating system the Smartphone uses? Very simple, we will only have to enter “Settings”, access to “Device Information” and finally verify the software.

Regarding the screen, we can notice that the applications have a slight change in their names, for example, the case of the On-line shop, his original name is “App Store” if you notice that it has a different name like “ITunes Store” it’s a bad sign. In the same way, although it seems silly, the battery icon is completely white (original iOS version) while, in the imitations, the icon has color.

Other ways to identify a fake iPhone

Apple devices have their very characteristic Lightning charging port, with metallic edges and of very good quality. If we observe that this is not the type of charger, it will be a knockoff iPhone X. This point is key, since this iconic charger, in addition, if it needs to be replaced, you should go directly to an Apple supplier. As if that were not enough, the duration of the charge and even how long the battery lasts are key, since the iPhone, the more expensive, the better batteries they have. If the battery is short and takes a long time to charge There it is not!

Finally, we will offer the last alternative, if we want to be completely sure of the reliability of the equipment, we can access the Apple official page, in which we can enter the serial number of the cell phone.

To get the serial number of the Apple device, you just have to follow the following steps: go to “Settings”, we select “general”. Later we press “Device Information”, the number that we must enter on the page will appear here. If the search does not offer any results, we will be in front of a fake iPhone X. And this is vital that you identify it, since if you later want to update your iPhone X it will be impossible if it is a replica.

Apart from iPhone X There are also other versions of the brand like the iPhone SE and the iPhone 6, which are very good.

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