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Haylou RS4 Plus: The Review

Haylou RS4 Plus: The Review

Bigger, better looking and more technological: Haylou updates the already excellent RS4 and takes the RS4 Plus out of the cylinder, with many new functions at a really attractive price. Let’s see how it performs in our detailed review.


Haylou RS4 Plus comes in a beautiful and super-accurate cardboard package, which shows the device in the foreground, and the classic specifications on the back. A point in favor for the processing is the print quality, which give the impression of being in front of a premium product right from the packaging.

The content is the traditional one that is expected from a mid-range smartwatch: device with strap already installed, warranty and various documents, and the magnetic cable for charging, without wall adapter.

Positive mention for the charging cable: once positioned it remains firmly in place to Haylou RS4 Plus, and is long enough to be placed on a desk with the power socket at the bottom (something not taken for granted lately, with many manufacturers inserting more and more cables short).


As anticipated Haylou RS4 Plus brings many additions compared to the previous model, such as an improved magnetic strap and body temperature measurement, always maintaining a more than competitive price.

The case made of metal with a lucia finish, houses an excellent 1.78-inch AMOLED retina display, which we will discuss later in more detail.

The only plastic part is the lower case, which houses the sensors and magnetic pins for charging.

Speaking of the strap, I really appreciated the build quality and above all the lightness. In fact, the strap wraps the wrist very well, making it very comfortable to wear both during sports (I tried the smartwatch while walking and cycling), and while working on the PC.

Excellent quality of the magnets, which hold the smartwatch firmly on the wrist even during various activities. The strap is a classic 20mm, so it can be replaced with other standards in an extremely simple way, thanks also to the quick release pins.

The device has a single physical button, and overall the square design is clean, functional and very elegant.

In short, whether it is for sports, to wear it daily or to an elegant event, Haylou RS4 Plus always makes an impression on the wrist. The weight of suns 57.6g strap included makes the device very comfortable to wear, almost to the point of not feeling it on the wrist.


Here are the technical specifications of the smart band:

Model Name Haylou RS4 Plus
Display 1.78 inches AMOLED, 368 × 448 pixels, 326
Bluetooth 5.1
Drums 230mAh
Dimensions 45.2 * 37.2 * 10.4mm
Weight 57.6g
Resistance to water IP68
Strap size 20mm


The display on board the Haylou RS4 Plus is undoubtedly the main feature. We are talking about an excellent 1.78-inch AMOLED panel, with a resolution of 368 × 448 pixels at 60Hz, with adjustable brightness. Personally I love the AMOLED panels on smartwatches: the absolute blacks make the gap between the frames and the display practically nil, obviously if you use the right watchfaces, giving a unique style to the device.

The frames are very small and the screen elements are well optimized for the greater space available, even using the many watchfaces (more than 100) available. Given the particular conformation of the display, long texts will not be a problem to read.

Despite the lack of a brightness sensor, the Haylou RS4 Plus display is always well readable even in the sun, setting the maximum brightness, and has excellent contrast. In practice, you will have no problem reading all the info during your workouts. For indoor use, even medium brightness is sufficient. Personalization is maximum, with dozens and dozens of watchfaces available, to be downloaded from the Haylou Fun app or already on board the device.

All interactions with the smart watch must be done via the physical button and the classic gestures: with the swipe up and down we will access notifications and settings, while the swipe to the right and left allows you to access features such as oxygen level in the blood and daily activity.


The software is the classic Haylou, with all the functions expected of this type of smart watch. Absolutely excellent responsiveness, completely free of lag or jamming. On the hardware side, some features are missing such as GPS, which do not affect the overall user experience in a very negative way. Bluetooth 5.1 does its job very well, especially on the battery side, while the various sensors on board are always accurate and precise, as we will see shortly.

The battery on board of Haylou RS4 Plus keeps its promises: with an average use and some training I managed to overcome the week of use and there was still some for a few days. The declared duration is 10 days of normal use, which is extended to 28 with basic use.

Let’s start with the basic functions of Haylou RS4 Plus: on board we will find more than 100 sports modes pre-installed: among these, some will not limit themselves to recording the classic data, but there will be more accurate monitoring.

During sporting activity, the counting of steps is always very precise, even when compared with manual pedometers. Excellent heart rate measurements, which allow you to always keep the frequency under control, even at rest and, if desired, 24 hours a day.

On board we also find an excellent sleep monitoring system,able to accurately record the duration and stages of sleep, monitoring the levels of oxygen saturation in the blood every night and analyzing the quality of breathing.

Also present is the now inevitable SpO2 index, which was accompanied by the measurement of temperature and pressure.

A series of inevitable features, such as weather, calculator and music player, complete the picture.


Through the app we have total control of the device, with all the summary info of sports activities, settings and updates of the case. As always, it is a pleasure to navigate the various menus of the app, always clean and intuitive, full of graphics and information. Also through the app we will also be able to have access to the watch faces store, with dozens of additional watch faces to fully customize Haylou RS4 Plus.

Given the lack of GPS, if we start our workouts from the app, Haylou RS4 Plus will rely on the GPS of the smartphone, making the measurement more complete.


Haylou RS4 Plus is truly a complete and balanced product, excellent both for those looking for a smart watch to keep track of their workouts, and for those who want a comfortable product to wear every day and that is able to offer basic monitoring.

Haylou RS4 Plus is available on aliexpress at a super discounted price of € 62.95.